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AttorraRu ([uh-TOH-ruh-roo * uh-TAWR-uh-roo] | / ə ˈtoʊ rə ru * ə ˈtɔr ə ru /)

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Lapin Librarian, Dame AttorraRu , DoR (Defender of the Realm) (a.k.a. The Dragonbunny)

AttorraRu is "the dragonbunny," a dedicated supporter to and House Librarian of House Lapin who was drawn to the Rabbit House from the other side of the world. She is known for her protectiveness, her mothering nature, and her refusal to take any shit from anyone. Now one of the Night Watch, she originates from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In human form, AttorraRu thinks of herself as overweight, but she is not exceptionally so.

Body Features

Her dragon-bunny form is purple, as this is her favourite colour given she is in fact an Amethyst dragon.

Identifying Characteristics

The Dragonbunny wears wire-rimmed glasses in her human form.

Special abilities

AttorraRu can transform into a large purple dragon, or a smaller, purple Dragon-Bunny form, which resembles a cute bunny rabbit with draconic wings.   While she is not an exceptionally fast literomancer, "Ru," as she is known to her friends and family, is a very determined one. Her tenacity has served her well in such actions as The Battle of the Book and The 50K Offensive, and she is counted among the Defenders of the Realm.

Apparel & Accessories

In human form, AttorraRu prefers to wear a T-shirt and comfy trousers.

Specialized Equipment

When in human form, AttorraRu fights with the Dragon Sword.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An anthropomorphic purple rabbit with dragon wings, guarding a stack of books with sword in hand
Dragonbunny by HeroForge
AttorraRu set out from Scotland at the request of The Lady, leaving her children in the care of her husband Cheetya, to find the fabled houses of Literomancy. On reaching the shores of Canada she realised that approaching in Dragon Form might scare the Houses. Using magic granted to her by Lord Frith she shapeshifted into dragon-bunny form. She came across House Lapin while they were in the midst of the Second Word War, and knew she could use her skills at writing to help the Tome Knights prevail.  
A dragon coming in for a landing in front of a castle
AttorraRu coming in for a landing by Pixabay
During the war she revealed her actual race to the Owsla and the House leader Sable-rah who took the news very well. She now tends to live nearby in a cave behind a waterfall when in Dragon form, but can usually be found at The Warren in dragon-bunny form, which resembles a cute bunny with wings.   Dame AttorraRu was granted the title Defender of the Realm for her action in The Battle of the Book, and she is also a veteran of The 50K Offensive.   Just before The Third Word War she found a special gem cave beneath her home accessible only by the deep water pool which transformed her into a gem bunny.   When Dame AttorraRu learned from Queen Sable that if Erin Righ managed to avoid becoming undead during the war he would defeat the spirit of The Nite Qing once and for all, she immediately volunteered to become a bodyguard for him. She and DragonMagpie became the founding members of the Night Watch.



Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Easy going, introvert who loves to play games and write. Likes writing, gaming, and magic.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kind, Generous, yet doesn’t suffer fools.

Vices & Personality flaws

Has recently quit smoking. Gets overwhelmed by too many people.


Family Ties

  • Cheetya Ironfist (husband)
  • Izzy (daughter)
  • Ruru (son)
  • Flubb (great niece)
  • Religious Views

    Pagan, Priestess of the Mother.
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    Chaotic Good
    Current Status
    Rebuilding her cave after WW3
    Current Location
    Currently Held Titles
    Previously Held Ranks & Titles
    401, but looks 40
    Current Residence
    A cave behind BX Falls on Silver Star Mountain, near the Warren
    Blue-grey, piercing
    Long, strawberry blonde (in other words, ginger)
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    White, pale
    No clue… she doesn’t like to measure herself
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    May the Mother bless you and the Father give you His love.
    — AttorraRu
    The Lady
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations
    Known Languages
    English, Dnulian, Doric (North-east Scotland), Draconic, Rabbit.
    Ruled Locations
    A coat of arms: green border, divided blue and purple field, with a dragonbunny and a magpie. Text in banner: Night Watch
    Night Watch by AttorraRu

    A cute image of a purple bunny with dragon wings

    DragonBunny by Emily Armstrong

    Cover image: AttorraRu by HeroForge
    Character Portrait image: AttorraRu Portrait by AttorraRu & SableAradia


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