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Woodland Family Alliance

The Houses of Lapin and Meles had a long and complicated history. Both had been ruling over their respective kingdoms for generations, with the rulers of each House passing down their titles and responsibilities to their children.   For the most part, the two Houses had gotten along well. They had formed alliances and traded with each other, sharing resources and knowledge. And when conflicts did arise, they were usually resolved peacefully through diplomacy and negotiation.   But there were also times when tensions ran high between the two Houses. Rivalries and power struggles were not uncommon, and there were several instances in which the two Houses went to war against each other.   Despite these conflicts, however, the Houses of Lapin and Meles always managed to find a way to make peace. They recognized the value of their alliance and were willing to forgive and forget in the interest of maintaining harmony between their kingdoms.   As the years went by, the two Houses grew stronger and more united. They stood together against common threats and worked together to build a brighter future for their people. And eventually, the once-fractious relationship between Lapin and Meles became one of the strongest and most enduring in all the land.
— Excerpt from a popular children's story
  The Woodland Family Alliance is a mutual support alliance formed between House Lapin and House Meles in November 2022, when House Meles was forced to flee Windy Willows for The Warren during The Third Word War. After House Chiroptera fell, House Ailurus joined the alliance as well.   The alliance is based in the family ties that exist between the Royal Families of the three Houses. Sable Aradia , leader of House Lapin, is the biological mother of Lord Galakrond and the Forgelings, the seven children of House Meles; and also of Mykola Void , Archon of House Ailurus, and her sister and heir, Panda Polemark Senna Nightshade. Erin Righ , Sable Aradia's Royal Consort, is the half-brother of Meles Royal Consort Realm of Music , and the biological father of Archon MykolaVoid and Panda Polemark Senna Nightshade.   While initially, the biological parentage of the Meles scions was a closely-guarded secret , circumstances forced this information into the public eye just following The Second Word War and both The Great Badger and The Chief Rabbit publicly admitted the relationship. The circumstances of the birth of the House Ailurus leaders remains unknown, but the relationship to Queen Sable and Prince Erin was publicly acknowledged after the July Tourney. For those aware of the actions of The Company , it is widely believed they had something to do with it.


The Woodland Family Alliance is headed by the three leaders of the three constituent Houses; The Chief Rabbit , The Great Badger and the Archon of House Ailurus. Together, they form a council which makes mutual decisions concerning the alliance as a group. These decisions include such things as what form their mutual support will take, and which Houses they might mutually support in the event of war. Unanimous agreement, in consultation with the rest of their House leadership structures, is considered ideal and is sought whenever possible, but in the event of disagreement, two of the three leaders being in agreement is considered sufficient for the Alliance to take an action.   Each House is considered a separate entity within the Alliance. However, there are discussions in process about interconnecting military forces in a manner similar to NATO, respecting each other's equivalent ranks in the field, and standardizing equipment to make mutual action more expedient.


The Woodlanders are largely comprised of Werebeasts who dwell in forest environments, such as Wererabbits , Werebadgers , Werepandas, Kitsune, Weretigers, Werestoats, and so forth, and this was the inspiration for the name. Since many of these are mammals who create dens, there is a tendency to seek well-protected holes in the ground, whether that takes the form of dugouts, hobbit-holes, or state-of-the-art military bunkers like The Warren -- and the Woodlanders are not afraid to poke fun at themselves for this.   Most of the Woodlanders were born in Canada or the United States (present day Lapin Protectorate , Meles Protectorate , or Sauropoda Protectorate.)   As some of the earliest veterans of the Word Wars, the Woodlanders have strong militaries, and these militaries are valued, admired, and respected. Veterans are well treated and receive well-funded support services.   However, no Woodlander House could be described as especially "militant." They and their leadership have a reputation for mutual support, encouragement, and seeking peaceful solutions to problems whenever possible. It is worth noting that the leadership and many notable members of both the Self Care Mafia and the Chaos Cartel are Woodlanders; including, but not limited to, Brocktree ShyRedFox, Owsla Prinx Tempest Kwake, Foxx, Flubb, Sable Aradia , Senna Nightshade , and Candle of Hope Mykola Void .   This lack of militaristic behaviour does not extend to the Undead Horde, however. As some of the Houses who have been, arguably, the most personally affected by the activities of the Night Monarchs , the Woodlanders are some of the most implacable foes of the Undead.   It is also worth noting that Patient Zero and Patient One of The Filking Plague are Woodlanders (Tempest Kwake and Sable Aradia respectively) and filking is a respected Woodlander art.

Public Agenda

The Woodland Family Alliance came together as a family and as Houses in the adversity of the Third Word War. They felt that they worked well together and decided to develop those ties further, recognizing their interconnectedness and mutual interests. With the borders of the major geopolitical bodies of the Alliance being contiguous, it made even more sense to break down barriers and work to bolster their levels of support and mutual ties.   Some of the geopolitical decisions they have made to facilitate this include open borders, an easy path to dual or triple citizenship, automatic dual or triple citizenship for anyone with families on either side of a border, free trade, and creating a unified currency in the Woodlander Talon.


The Lapin Protectorate is exceptionally well equipped for war against the Undead Horde. They have fortified their supply lines and transportation corridors, and they have built bunkers in every major city. They are resource rich and their Protectorate covers most of the major ports on the West Coast of North America. They have also become known for their weapons manufacturing.   The Ailurus Protectorate is well equipped in terms of supplies and storehouses, and they are also focused on trade. They have created significant networks that benefit the Alliance in diplomacy and economic clout.   The Meles Protectorate has a strong and aggressive military and contains most of the North American "bread basket" region. They also have one of the strongest industrial bases remaining in the world.   Between the three, they control about 80% of the military assets of the former United States and Canada. They are widely acknowledged to have nuclear capabilities, though none of the House Leaders have confirmed or denied this.   Literomantically, Lapin and Meles are ancient Houses, with old libraries and generations of training and practice. However, Ailurus holds its own in the Alliance by their experience in technomancy.   They are all working to expand these assets to support each other. Their choice to unify their currency has stabilized the world economy following the collapse of the Lapin Lira after Lapin's fall in the Third Word War. Together, they form a powerful political, economic, and military block.
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Founding Date
November 6, 2022
Political, Triumvirate
Predecessor Organizations
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Woodland Family Alliance recognizes the Lapin Lira, the Meles Malrani and the Ailurus Airi, and have created a unified currency, the Woodlander Talon. This has stabilized their currencies and, by extension, the world economy, as the Lapin Lira was considered the currency standard following the The First Word War's chaos, but its value plummeted when Lapin fell during the The Third Word War.
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