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Wereweasel (werwiːzəl)

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Wereweasels are a species of werebeast who are totemically connected to the Weasel Totem, the Stoat Totem, or the Polecat Totem. Most wereweasels are able to shift into a bestial and/or half-bestial form at will. Some will also shift if certain personal triggers — such as a particular moon phase or becoming angry — occur.

Basic Information


In human form, wereweasels are indistinguishable from an average human. They may have weasel-like features, such as a long neck or a high-pitched voice, or a weasel-like disposition, but they are human otherwise.   In beast form, wereweasels are physically no different than an average weasel, stoat, or polecat. Mentally, though, they still retain their personhood and can make decisions as they would in any other form.   Totemically, all werebeasts can sense another of their kind with their normal senses. As the therianthropic abilities of werebeasts are not scientific in nature, they cannot be detected through any sort of physical or genetic examination.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like most werecreatures, wereweasels can choose to reproduce as a human or as the animal type they are. To do the latter requires that their partner also be a werebeast. Regardless of how a wereweasel chooses to reproduce, they typically only produce one offspring, known as a kit.

Growth Rate & Stages

Kits can be birthed in either human form, which is preferred by most wereweasels, or in beast form. Kits born in beast form transform into a human toddler around three months after their birth, and remain in that form for the remainder of their life unless a werecreature themselves.   Wereweasels mature and grow at the same rate as a human after shifting. Although the female young tend to be "early bloomers" in comparison to their male peers, this is not always the case. The sexually dimorphic rate of maturity is based off that of their animal counterpart.

Ecology and Habitats

Yes, I am very much aware of the irony of the polecat living in the rabbit territory. I eat MICE! Not rabbits. If anything it helps their crop production.
— A werepolecat living in the Lapin Protectorate
  Most wereweasels prefer colder environments over warmer ones, as their dense fur and cold-adjusted bodies make them prone to overheating. Many wereweasels take up residence in the northern reaches of the Lapin Protectorate. Very few wereweasels are found outside of the Lapin Protectorate, although there is a significant population in House Meles' territory.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Wereweasels are omnivorous in their human forms much like a normal human would be. In their beast form, however, they are carnivorous and often feed on rodents. Most wereweasels will have diets high in meats and other proteins no matter their form to avoid digestive upset.

Biological Cycle

Many types of wereweasels will moult their fur in the spring and autumn. Werestoats, for example, will gain a coat of white fur in the winter, which is replaced by brown fur in the summer months.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wereweasels tend to have an excellent sense of smell in their half-beast and beast forms. Their human form tends to have an average sense of smell. Their eyesight is usually average or good in all their forms, but some wereweasels have been known to need glasses. Wereweasels have the ability to hear, but their range of hearing is not typically relied on nearly as much as the senses of smell and sight.
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Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo belua mustela
As human
Conservation Status
While werebeasts as a whole are not common, wereweasels of all varieties are rare even amongst them.
Geographic Distribution



The Weasel totem is known for its mischevious nature, wit, and more than slightly-unhinged mindset. They are often said to endorse unfair trade-offs and shrewd business practices, so long as they do not bring harm upon others. While the Weasel totem is mischevious and shrewd, it is anything but cruel. Even when hunting, weasels prefer killing swiftly.  


The Stoat totem is witty, shrewd, and oriented in strategy. They endorse strategy and manuevers that bring advantages to the allied forces. The Stoat is even self-sacrificial, should it be needed to give their allies an advantage.  


The Polecat totem is unhinged, silly, and mischevious. They enjoy dancing and practical jokes. The smiles of those around them is enough of a reward for the Polecat totem, but anything shiny would be appreciated. Although the Polecat totem certainly prefers light-hearted fun, they can be deadly serious if the situation calls for it.  

Current Wereweasel PCs:

Senna Nightshade

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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