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Werebird (werbərd)

Werebirds are a species of Werebeast who are totemically connected to any of the avian totems, such as the Penguin Totem, the Raven Totem, or the Bluejay Totem. Most werebirds are able to shift into a bestial and/or half-bestial form at will. Some will also shift if certain triggers — such as a particular moon phase or becoming angry — occur.

Basic Information


In human form, werebirds are indistinguishable from an average human. They may have bird-like features, such as a "beak-like" nose or notably beady eyes, or a bird-like disposition, but they are human otherwise.   In bird form, werebirds are physically no different than an average bird. Mentally, though, they still retain their personhood and can make decisions as they would in any other form.   Totemically, all werebeasts can sense another of their kind with their normal senses. As the therianthropic abilities of werebeasts are not scientific in nature, they cannot be detected through any sort of physical or genetic examination.

Genetics and Reproduction

Like most werecreatures, werebirds can choose to reproduce as a human or as the animal type they are. To do the latter requires that their partner also be a werebeast. Regardless of how a werebird chooses to reproduce, they typically only have a single offspring.

Growth Rate & Stages

Werebird offspring, known as chicks, can be birthed in human form or laid as an egg in beast form. Chicks that are hatched transform into a human toddler around three months after their hatching, and remain in that form for the remainder of their life unless a werecreature themselves.   Werebirds mature and grow at the same rate as a human after shifting.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Werebirds are omnivorous in their human forms much like a normal human would be. In their beast form, however, they can be piscivores, insectivores, frugivores, or some other type. Most werebirds will not change their eating habits when in human form to suit their beast form.
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Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo belua avis
As human
Conservation Status
Werebirds, being so diverse, are some of the more common werebeasts in existence, but are still not common.
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Current Werebird PCs:

Sami Ardens

Cover image: Sparrow by gabicuz on Pixabay


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