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First Lieutenant Stormy of the Brocktrees

Stormy, the werebadger, is proud to serve House Meles as one of the Brocktree royal guards. They carry a sang kauw as their preferred weapon. Using their Literomantic prowess, they add lighting strikes to the weapon’s attacks.
Brocktree Stormy? They seem quiet, until you get to know them. Great sense of humour. Did you know they're a filker, too? And their quiet bravery is inspiring. Their priority in the rescue at Kin Beach was the Forgelings. I will never forget that. I'll forever be in their debt.
— Queen Sable of House Lapin

Personal History


Stormy has very little memory of their early years. Bits and pieces here and there—curling up against a warm body and feeling safe, twitching their nose at something that smelled really good—but most of their childhood has been lost to the mists.   Their first solid memory is of sorrow. They could no longer stay with their family, for they were the wrong “kind” and no longer fit.   The long shadow cast by that day has fallen across every other day since. Alone, Stormy set out to find the correct sort of “kind” to be, in the hopes of winning their way back home. For years, they have wandered, taking odd jobs and mercenary contracts to support themselves, seeking a way to mend their heart.


After The Second Word War

After a rather soggy period in The Zafforza Trench during The First Word War, Stormy set out for drier pastures, somehow stumbling into Windy Willows. It was here that Stormy realized they’d had it backwards all along: rather than going back to a home they no longer remembered, they were actually traveling to their new home the entire time.   Belonging was an incredible gift itself. Then Realm, the Bardger, gently informed Stormy that “kind” was likely referring to “type” instead of acting on compassion, and Stormy began to heal.  
While not the world’s greatest thinker, Stormy has boundless capacity for affection and unshakeable loyalty. These have been dedicated entirely to House Meles, and Stormy will not hesitate to lay down their life to protect the Royal Family. As they demonstrated during The Second Word War.   Their time among the Undead Horde left invisible scars and they have been unable to forgive themselves for remaining among the living while the House suffered such terrible losses in The Third Word War.

Related Lore

A filk written and performed by Stormy.

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An anthropomorphic werebadger in a trenchcoat with an electric staff
Stormy by Sable Aradia with Artbreeder
Meles Minor House Crest by Shyredfox
by Nathalia Books
Current Location
Their badger ears are pierced and they sport fabulous teal eyeshadow.
Black, combed back
Weapon of Choice
A sang kauw that’s been literomantically enhanced with lightning for attacks

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades
Character Portrait image: by Stormy via HeroForge


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