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The Glitter Mines

this article was written by FoxWriter, who is a very unreliable narrator and should not be trusted. take everything within with a grain of salt... er, glitter?

Foxx found the Glitter Mines completely by accident one night after being too wound to go to sleep. hounded by nightmares they couldn't remember, and itching with energy, someone (Foxx does not say who) told Foxx to "go dig a hole and let me sleep!". so, Foxx did just that. As many can agree, Foxx often gets a little too into things, and made quite the mess in this endeavor, and carried on well past when they should have stopped. Foxx had a good deal of fun burrowing around in the earth, up until they fell into a cave system and promptly got completely lost.   As we all know, Foxx should never be left alone for two long as they will either create absolute chaos, or get so lost they won't be seen again for days. They are always found eventually though, and so far, aside from being really thirsty that one time, Foxx has never suffered overmuch for getting lost and sometimes, they manage to find some really cool things. You know, like the Glitter Mines.   Foxx did not tell anyone about the Glitter Mines at first. Not because they were keeping it a secrete or because they were being greedy... They just plain forgot no one else knew about it. Still, Sable, Tempest, Shy and Myko were very quick to notice when Foxx started showing up with a good deal more glitter than they were supposed to have, and given Foxx's tendency to forget how to use money, they all knew Foxx had not purchased said glitter. Foxx was all too happy to lead them to the 'mine-shaft', which was a reflection of their overly hyper state at the time of digging. There are at least two full looping corkscrews in the original tunnel. sometimes, when Foxx is feeling too energized, they race through the original tunnels trying to beat their personal best.


The Glitter Mines are a series of interconnected caves that exist deep below the border between Ailurus, and Lapin. there are three main entrances. one is nearby the Burrows one near to Penwall and the last directly in the center. it is not advice to use the one in the center, as larger animals tend to get stuck in the twisting and looping tunnel.   There are three main caverns in the Glitter Mine, with more than a dozen smaller caverns connected in twisting tunnels. Smarter people than i have identified that the cavern used to be filled with water, and connected to a large, now drained lake. No one is sure if the lake was drained naturally, magically, or mechanically. given the level of ancient magical residue lingering in the cave system however, it is highly likely that it was drained magically during the last time the Tome was running about in this reality. why the lake was drained, we cannot tell, as any evidence people might have left behind have all vanished.   The glitter in the Glitter Mines, are condensed in huge pockets and act almost like wet sand. when dug into, it comes out in wet clumps which then has to be laid out in long tarps to air dry, as heat tends to make the flecks shrivel and loose their luster. Given the magical nature of the glitter, it appears to be completely organic, and decomposes similarly to leaves or other plant matter despite it's highly lustrous shine and metallic like nature.   the Glitter Deposits number in the hundreds and appear to clump in specific color ranges the most common being red, blue and green color variations. however, there are variegated color morphs in some of the deposits closer to where magical residue has lingered still, and one particular deposit, which appears to be unending, contains the full spectrum of the rainbow and is Foxx's personal favorite to dig and play in.   Unlike traditional mines, the Glitter Mines are somehow, completely safe, as the lingering magic makes it nearly impossible to actually be hurt, and by the same nature, the Glitter seams to have safety magically woven into every fleck, as no matter how buried you become in glitter, they cannot be inhaled, and somehow never end up in the eyes, mouths, noses, or ears. This effect does not work, however, when someone purposefully licks the stuff. (Foxx, Stop eating the glitter!)


Technically speaking, the Glitter Mines are open to everyone, however most folk seam uninterested in visiting, and given how much Foxx likes to dig, they have been supplying most of the Chaos Cartel, as well as the Self Care Mafia with both glitter, and mica powder from the Mines. There are, however, shovels, bags, and drying tarps available to the public in the three main caverns.    Just don't touch any of Foxx's chew toys, those are pretty gross and who knows what kind of bacteria is growing on those.
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Foxx's Glitter Haven
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