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Werebats are a species of Werebeast who have bats as their totemic animal connection. Most werebats are able to shift into a bestial and/or half-bestial form at will. Some will also shift if certain triggers — such as a particular moon phase or becoming angry — occur.

Basic Information


In human form, werebats are indistinguishable from an average Human. They may have bat-like features, such as small eyes or large ears, or a bat-like disposition, but they are human otherwise.   In bat form, werebats are physically no different than an average bat. Mentally, though, they still retain their personhood.   Totemically, all werebeasts can sense one another with their normal senses. If you are a werebeast and you spot another werebeast, you can tell right away. Same with smell, hearing, and even taste, a werebeast can smell, hear or taste another werebeast.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Most werebats are known to have eyes that are sensitive to light, and many werebats cannot stand to be in bright rooms. Werebats have a higher chance of needing glasses in their human forms than most other werebeasts.
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Scientific Name
Homo belua chiroptera
As human, with exceptions
Related Organizations

Current Werebat PCs:

Big T Anderson

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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