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Badger Day - Badger Trust Fundraiser

Oct 6 is Badger Day!

  Of course, House Meles will celebrate by doing games, story readings, vss (very short story) contests, a raffle, and more to fundraise for Badger Trust.  
Badger Day - Meles fundraiser - header
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  We'll be streaming on the GoT channel. Join us for the festivities!   Attendees will get a silver Badger Day Badge (featuring Clawdia and a donut) and those who donate will get a gold one (with Clawdia and lots of donuts).  
The donation page is hosted at Just Giving.
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Stream and Fundraiser TL;DR

October 6, 2023
12-4pm CDT, 5-9PM UTC
Donation Link
Just Giving event link

House Meles by Dani Adventures


Stream Attendee Badge

by AWV + Angychan


Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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