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Desdemona Rose

Desdemona Rose (a.k.a. PheydraRose)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Desdemona has some challenges, but can manage them fairly well for now. She does have GERD, poor knee structure, poor eyesight, and a mild hearing loss. Thankfully with the aid of modern medicines and contacts she can manage to see where she is going. If you don't speak up, however, she probably won't hear you. There is likely to be knee surgery at some point, but Des is putting it off as long as possible. It does seem to be a weird family trait though... they have scarred knees.

Body Features

Desdemona's most notable features include red hair and several tattoos. Desdemona is a big follower of tattoo therapy and will probably run out of space before she runs out of tattoo wants.   Desdemona also has unusual eyebrows and eyelashes. They are almost without pigment and nearly white. She was blessed with especially long eyelashes, but unless she's wearing makeup, no one can tell unless they are standing very close to her.

Identifying Characteristics

Her hair is pretty easy to spot in a crowd.

Special abilities

Desdemona's most notable ability is her creativity. She, of course, can tap into it for it's more typical uses with art and writing. She can also use it for more technical or academic pursuits. Research papers were easy for her in college and she's created tools with long term use for her more technical job at the unnamed organization.  

Apparel & Accessories

Desdemona loves Cosplay and, if made to dress up, will wear a suit over a dress any day. Desdemona hasn't worn a dress in many years. The last time they did it was so they could join a Brides of March flashmob. Which was, ironincally, the only time she has worn a wedding dress even though she's been married twice.   Along with suits, Desdemona also loves top hats and bowler hats. She owns both and will wear them out when there is worthy event. Her other favorite accessory is a corset, which she also owns several of.

Specialized Equipment

Due to Desdemona's poor memory, she would find it hard to function without the electronic device that lives in her pocket almost 24/7.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Desdemona was born to nomadic parents who tried not to stay in any one place for too long. Desdemona was born practically bald, but when her hair did finally start to grow she had a head full of red curls. She had two siblings and numerous cousins, but out of them all she was the only one bestowed with bright red hair.   Desdemona's parents valued education and sent them to whatever schoolhouse they could find. However, while at school Desdemona was often off in the clouds. If she wasn't dreaming of being someplace else, then they were imaginging stories or pieces of art that they could create.   When Desdemona was nine she was kidnapped by an angel turned demon and brought into purgatory. There the creature was met by another and the two of them whispered a thousand stories, images, and other creative endeavors into the young child's mind.   When Desdemona's mind was filled with it they brought her back to her parents house. They deposited her in her room and built a cocoon of sorts around her. It looked almost like a giant egg. They told her parents to leave it alone and in three months their little redhead would be reborn a new creature. They were told not to interfere, least they be killed.   Desdemona's parents did as they were told. In three weeks the cocoon started to pulse and then Desdemona broke free. At first their daughter seemed to be the same. She wanted to draw and write, but that was not that unusual. Within a few days, however, she started complaining about a pain in her back. Before her parents could seek out medical attention Desdemona's back split open and two wings broke out. They were a strange set of wings, seeming to be both angelic and demonic at the same time. They were both black and white, both reptilian and bird like.   The original angel made demon who had kidnapped her visited again and taught Desdemona how to use them properly. She even had the ability to hide them.   Dedemona was eventually returend to school and life as normal. She interacted with the world as best she could, but a storm of ideas were always there in the back of their mind, demanding to be set free.  

Gender Identity

Gender Apathetic/Fluid. Most of the time Des doesn't care either way, but occasionally they will embrace being a she or a he for a short time.


Queer and Aromatic, though she doesn't lack in attracting, the idea of being bottled down or having someone spending too much time with her makes Des want to scream.


Though school was always a challenge, Desdemona has always hungered for knowledge. Though barely graduating from High School, she now has a BA in Psychology and an AS in Networking.


Desdemona works as an IT for a unspecified organization.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though Desdemona lacks focus in her life, she can usually develop a decent talent for whatever she is into at the moment. She has won two local awards for her paintings and a director's choice award for an AMV. She had her writing featured in an anthology related to her unspecified job many years ago, but sadly she has forgotten what the book was titled.

Failures & Embarrassments

Desdemona is very bad at relationships. It is hard to focus on another when you have the thoughs of angels and demons runing unbidden through your mind.

Mental Trauma

Growing up as an unusual child has left it's scars, but Desdemona has learned to embrace it. It took her many adult years, but she has learned to see her oddities as an asset and not something to be hidden away.

Intellectual Characteristics

Desdemona is a strange mix of fast learner and poor memory. She often will know something and not have any idea why she knows the thing. When learning something new she has no way of predicting whether or not it will actually stick and must simply hope for the best.

Morality & Philosophy

Des tries to be more of a positive than a negative with how she interacts with the world. They will volunteer their time and money to further causes they believe in. She tries to do what is write by her actions and lets out the dark currents in her through storytelling and online roll playing.

Personality Characteristics


Desdemona just wants to create things, that is her lot and love in life.

Likes & Dislikes

Desdemona fandoms many things, particularly in the genres of anime and sci-fi. Though, she has not kept up with Sci-fi as much as she used to. Still, she dreams that one day she'll either have a pet xenomorph, raptor, or spinosaurus.


Hobbies & Pets

Desdemona's hobbies are far too numerous to count. The ones that have stuck with her the longest: Fine Arts, panting, drawing, etc. Mixed Media Scrapbooking AMV Cosplay Roll playing and more currently... Worldbuilding and thinking about her future novels during her every waking moment.   Pets: She's had almost every category of pet, with exception of birds and very large beasts Currently she has one grumpy Chihuahua mix, two cats, and a Leopard Gecko.


Though Desdemona has never caught onto the habit of swearing a lot verbally, you can be sure that there is one really drunk unhappy sailor in her head making up for it.  
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Red, might anywhere between shoulder length and barely there
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, freckled, tattooed, an d easily burnt
Quotes & Catchphrases
Desdemona definitely uses the f-word far too often.
Aligned Organization
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