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Rabbit Knight Painting

The Rabbit Knight Painting — recently renamed to "A Portrait of a Chief Rabbit Astride Her Steed" — is a painting created circa the fifteenth century by Giovanni Bellini. The work was the subject of much debate by collectors and critics alike, many of whom questioned the painting's authenticity. Until quite recently, the painting was thought to be a continuation of the "rabbit with sword" motif from medieval illumination, but an up-and-coming Lapin scholar recognized the painting to be of a Wererabbit, and was able to date the painting to the mid-1400s CE.   The painting is believed, in the modern day, to be of a Chief Rabbit who lived in the fifteenth century, possibly Estelle Lapin (1439-1508). Speculators say that the painting may not be an original Giovanni Bellini, but possibly one made in collaboration with an apprentice. The work is being held in the Vancouver Art Gallery in the Lapin Protectorate.   Gossip columns purport that the Lapin Crown has been attempting to purchase the painting from the Vancouver Art Gallery, but the Gallery itself released the following statement on April 16, 2022:  
The Lapin Crown has not, in fact, solicited us in an attempt to purchase 'A Portrait of a Chief Rabbit Astride Her Steed'. The Crown has, however, recently given to us a generous donation to encourage our policy of free admission.
— Duncan Calabridge, Board Chair of the Vancouver Art Gallery
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Portrait of the Chief Rabbit Astride Her Steed.jpg
Rabbit Knight Painting by moonflower with NightCafe
Current Location
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Lapin Protectorate
Giovanni Bellini
Creation Date
c. 1460

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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