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The Nite Qing (ðə naɪt kɪŋ)

Title of the first Night Monarch, Erin Righ


To qualify as the Nite Qing, Erin had to have formidable Literomantic skills, and a driving ambition for revenge on the living. The Tome seduced him into allowing it to use his body for the destruction of humanity and Werebeast alike. Without his inner demons, the seduction to become the Night Monarch would never have occurred.


The Nite Qing led the armies of the dead in their battle with the living. In both his incarnations, the Nite Qing was a frontline combat Literomancer and saw it as his responsibility to lead the armies from the front.


The Iron Tome chooses the Night Monarch, and it does not like to lose its literomantic masters. The darkness within the Tome calls to the soul of Erin Righ, and tempts him every minute with a new reign. Erin fights with all his will against these dark urges.


Lead the House of the Dead. Slay living Tome Knights. Command the Undead Forces. Claim, or help the current Night Monarch to claim, the Iron Tome.


The Nite Qing is responsible for the actions of all Tome Zombies. Even though they think they are in control and coming up with these evil plans on their own, they are not. The malicious force that animates their bodies also warps their thought processes, and the Nite Qing (and subsequently, The Nite Monarq), as the embodiment of the Tome, control those thoughts.


Immortality, power, prestige, the ability to seek your enemy's doom, control over vast resources.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Aside from usually being in possession of The Iron Tome, the Nite Qing (in his first incarnation) was never seen without "Eternity", his combat scythe, nor "Mia" his sniper rifle, or "Jingo" his katana. In his second incarnation, The Nite Qing didn't wield Eternity in battle, though he notoriously shot James Woodwright, Captain of the Owsla, with Mia.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Removal of office can only be done temporarily, as the Nite Qing is an eternal appointment. Since becoming the Nite Qing on October 31, 2020, Erin will, forevermore, be known as The Nite Qing. However, the spirit of the Nite Qing is now permanently imprisoned -- unless someone releases him. Sable Aradia has gone to great lengths to ensure that never happens.
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Demonic figure in a ball cap and sunglasses, carrying a sniper rifle and scythe, with a katana at his side and a skull and jack o'lantern at his feet

The Nite Qing by HeroForge

Civic, Political
Currently unclaimed
Form of Address
His Undying Presence
Source of Authority
The Iron Tome
Length of Term
Until freed of the curse
First Holder
Past Holders
Reports directly to

A demonic figure in a ball cap and sunglasses, with a rifle and a katana, and a skull and jack o'lantern at his feet

The Nite Qing returned by HeroForge

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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