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Writer's Block

Article by Makenzie Turney. Moon imagines this like a medication commercial in the USA, except the voice over is by WriterGreg.
What is it, Doc? Why can't I seem to get my Literomancy to work? It's not Writer's Block, is it?!
— A concerned Tome Knight
  Writer's Block is a debilitating, but potentially curable condition which prevents the usage of Literomancy. This condition is acquired, but is not noted to be particularly contagious. Severe cases of Writer's Block can last for a decade or more.


Symptoms of Writer's Block include, but are not limited to:
  • Stagnating creativity
  • A lack of imagination
  • An inability to tell stories.
  •   These symptoms can have effects throughout one's life, and certain complications, like new or worsening depression, can be dangerous to one's health.


    There is no standard treatment for Writer's Block. Different treatments have different levels of effectiveness for each of the infected. The effectiveness of each treatment is unpredictable, although the infected themselves can generally predict which will work with more accuracy than outsiders.   Common treatments include:
  • Waiting out the illness
  • Prompt consumption
  • Forced writing
  •   Each of these treatments have their merits and flaws, but no one treatment is known to cure everyone.   In some cases, complications arising from Writer's Block can require therapy or prescription medication. These forms of treatment can be a relief, and are encouraged for those who truly need them.


    The outcome of Writer's Block is generally favorable to the infected. Most cases clear up within a year of onset, although long-term or chronic cases are not unheard of. There have been no known deaths due to Writer's Block alone, although complications of Writer's Block can be deadly if not treated.   Mild cases of Writer's Block have not been known to have any long-term effects on the body or mind, but it may take time to regain full usage of one's Literomancy after a case clears up. More severe cases of Writer's Block could cause permanent damage to the strength of one's Literomancy, although this outcome is rare.

    Affected Groups

    Although Literomancers are the most commonly affected group, anyone who writes can be subject to Writer's Block. This includes students taking literature courses, researchers writing papers, and simply non-Litermantic writers.


    Leading experts in the field recommend self-care as the best preventative for Writer's Block. Treat yourself. Have a Chocacrisp.
    — An ad for a chocolate bar
      Perfect prevention of Writer's Block is not possible, but some methods can reduce the risk of contracting the condition. These methods can include developing a writing habit and maintaining self-care. Writer's Block can still happen to those who follow these methods, but happens at a substantially lower rate.
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    Affected Species
    Lessened creativity
    Lessened imagination
    Inability to tell stories
    Reduced Literomantic power
    Recovery Rate
    99% within 1 year
    Words go ZOOM... until they don't. If you need help, reach out.
    — A poster using the likeness of a popular YA author
    If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, please seek help from a professional. Please, if you are having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, contact one of the numbers below.
    1300 22 4636
    0800 689 5652
    1-800-273-8255   If you do not see your country, THIS LINK will take you to a list of helplines.

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