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L5 Bullpup Rifles "Lapin Typewriters"

The L5 Bullpup Rifle, or "Lapin Typewriter," is an automatic or semi-automatic rifle that is part of the standard equipment of the Lapin Armed Forces. Produced by Lagus Arms & Equipment, a military manufacturer founded specifically to supply the Lapin Forces at the founding of the Lapin Protectorate, it was designed to provide an inexpensive and versatile weapon for the protection of the Protectorate, specifically against the undead. It was created to maximize the benefits of the "bullpup" rifle configuration -- meaning that the firing mechanism is located in front of the magazine, not behind it. This configuration is known to facilitate ease of use for people of short stature.  
I was thinking of our Queen when we approved the design. I wanted a rifle that she, or any other Wererabbit, could just pick up and use if needed.
— Griffon Pryde, CEO of Lagus Arms & Equipment
  The "Lapin Typewriter" was given its moniker because of its characteristic rapid-fire sound. While writers have made comparisons between the sound of an automatic weapon and the sound of a writer clattering away on a typewriter before, this comparison is particularly notable in the L5 Bullpup Rifle. The sound of the downward magazine ejection system calls to mind a typewriter carriage sliding back into position.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The "Lapin Typewriter" is chambered to fire the standard 5.56 x 45 mm NATO cartridge from either a 10- or 30-round box magazine. Its rate of fire is 850 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of almost 3000 feet per second, slightly faster than the average rifle in its class. Its effective range is roughly 1,600 feet, with its standard (but removable) 1.6x magnification scope improving accuracy at a distance. Removal of the sight allows installation of specialized sights such as night vision sights.   The three-setting fire selector switch includes safety, semi-automatic fire, and full-automatic fire. The cocking handle can be set to the left or the right side, allowing for full ambidexterity of the weapon, and is within easy reach. There is no "hold-open" feature for the bolt when the last cartridge is spent, allowing the panel to the rear of the receiver to be opened to check ammunition. It allows for the fitting of a foregrip for a more stable two-handed grip if necessary or desired, with the shoulder stock providing a third contact point. The front end of the muzzle comes standard with a fitting for a bayonet. The bayonet is standard issue in the Lapin military as well.  
When you're fightin' zombies, sooner or later, you run out of ammo.
— Owsla Commander DM Stretch giving combat instruction to Okanagan City militia
  With the removal of the forward hand guard, the L5 can also be installed with an underslung 40x45 mm breech-loaded, single-shot grenade launcher with a rotary locking operation; or, a 12 gauge shotgun component. Adding the grenade launcher to the existing automatic weapon only adds an additional inch to its length and 2 lbs to its weight. The existing pistol grip also operates the grenade launcher system. There is an integrated fire control system powered by batteries located in the shoulder stock, which allows for reasonable accuracy through a laser sighting system, guided by an onboard computer.  
Remember, "close" actually does count in horseshoes and hand grenades.
— Queen Sable Aradia, explaining the grenade launcher system to the Okanagan City militia
  The fully adjustable gas system allows a combatant to minimize recoil, even with a suppressor, allowing for greater accuracy of fire and use by combatants of all sizes. A flash suppressor comes standard and utilizes the characteristic "slant" common to other military firearms.

Manufacturing process

Most of the components of the L5 are manufactured in injection molds, which is a relatively cheap process that can be accomplished completely within Lapin's borders. This process was considered to be on the way out before 2020, but with the Mother of Bunnies' goal of maintaining essential manufacturing within Lapin's own borders, existing injection mold manufacturers in what used to be Western and Central Canada were given new life through the support of the Lapin Crown.


The Lapin Armed Forces are in the process of cycling out older-model automatic rifles in favour of the L5. This first occured with the militia, since the military already had serviceable equipment, and the militia had to be supplied mostly from scratch anyway, but this process is now underway among the reg forces as well.
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Cmd. DM Stretch demonstrates the L5 Bullpup by HeroForge

Item type
Weapon, Ranged
The L5 Bullpup Rifle is a fairly popular firearm. It is versatile, lightweight, inexpensive to produce, and easy for a wide variety of people to use. It lends itself to a variety of configurations, is ambidexterous without any need for adjustment, and is suitable to both smaller and larger combatants. Lagus Firearms & Equipment not only supplies the Lapin Armed Forces, but it supplies the other members of the Woodland Family Alliance as well, especially since the Woodland Forces made the decision to integrate their forces and equipment.
3.44 kg
750 mm
Base Price
₰1,205 Woodlander Talons
Raw materials & Components
The "Lapin Typewriter" is constructed of advanced impact-, temperature-, sun- and weather-resistant lightweight polymers where possible, and engineered metal alloys where it is not. A variation that will cope with the more extreme Northern Lapin climates is in development, since polymers do not typically do well with such frigid temperatures.

Cmd. DM Stretch demonstrates the grenade launcher attachment for the L5 by HeroForge

Research Notes

This weapon is, of course, entirely fictional. Details were invented by cobbling together technical stats from the Fabrique Nationale FN F2000 and the KelTec RDB.

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