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Tang Portal

A Tang portal is a magical portal through dimensions and space. Its unusual name comes from the bright orange colour of its manifestation. Prinx Tempest Kwake is the only person known to have used this power, and for others to use it safely, they require the assistance of their sister, Sable Aradia.


A Tang portal creates a tiny wormhole between dimensions. These dimensions could be the dimensions of 3D space, somewhat like a Dimension Door spell in the popular RPG Dungeons & Dragons; other planes of existence, something like the spell Gate from the same game; or even alternate realities, such as in the TV shows Sliders or Rick and Morty.

Side/Secondary Effects

A manifested portal is as hot as a sun on the inside, and radioactive. While it seems to prevent dangerous radiation from escaping its interior, the same cannot be said inside of it. Either the creation of the wormhole causes nuclear fusion to occur in the gravity well, or traveling through the portal necessitates traveling through a sun or some sort of Elemental Plane of Fire. Prinx Tempest believes the Tang portal creates boltholes through the layer of The Void that has become known as The Overflow.


From an outside perspective, a Tang portal looks something like a vortex of raw Fire, though it does not radiate any external heat.   If one gazes into the vortex of the portal without entering, it looks as though someone is rapidly stirring a tall glass of Tang artificial beverage.   On the inside, the portal is in fact a vortex of superheated plasma which radiates its own incandescense. The Fire Bun and their sister, the Star-Bunny Queen Sable, seem to be immune to its hazards, but without protection of some kind, it is likely to be fatal to almost anyone else.   While radiation does not seem to escape a Tang portal, sound does. The portal manifests with a fiery whooshing noise that continues as long as the wormhole is open, and its volume increases with its size.   It is possible to see and hear through this hole in reality, as if looking and listening through a tunnel or porthole, although this might be hampered by the brightness and noise of the portal itself.   When a Tang portal manifests nearby, there is a faint "hot metal" scent in the air, as if someone is soldering or has left an electrical element on for too long. When such a portal has manifested for more than a couple of minutes, the scent of burnt hair and occasionally, barbecued meat, have also been reported.   When the portal closes, it creates an audible, reverberating popping sound.


The Great Flame believes this ability is a result of their attunement to the layer of The Void known as The Overflow.


A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
This section has been redacted due to controversy and the possible personal security of Prinx Tempest. A paper on the Tang portal and several other Overflow related powers has been written by Dr. Hans Brandt-Schmidt, an employee of The Company, who is claiming discovery credit.   However, Dr. Brandt-Schmidt was conducting experiments on Tempest Kwake when he wrote these papers, for which he currently charged in the International Criminal Court with Crimes Against Humanity.   It is the official position of the Lapin Protectorate that he does not deserve credit for conducting experiments that basically amount to torture, but Prinx Tempest has not conducted any scientific experiments or, indeed, scholarly study of any kind, on their own powers.   This information is also being suppressed for Prinx Tempest's and Queen Sable's peace of mind, and therefore, for the good of the Lapin Protectorate.
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Material Components
Gestures & Ritual
Prinx Tempest extends one or both hands or front paws to summon a Tang portal. The portal remains accessible until they will it to close or step through it.
Related School
Evocation- Fire
Related Element
Fire, Void
Effect Duration
Short. The maximum length of time the Prinx of Flame has been known to be able to hold open the Tang portal was about 5 minutes at The Battle of Kin Beach
Effect Casting Time
Applied Restriction
The larger the portal, the more effort it appears to require to manifest; and the longer it lasts, the more exhausting it appears to be. The Prinx has been treated for Magic Drain after using this ability for extended periods. On the other hand, they have also been known to use it to blithely steal ready-made cups of coffee from another version of themselves in another reality.   While the interior of the Tang portal is most assuredly lethal to almost anyone else, the Bun Sibs have successfully allowed others to make use of it. If the Bunny Queen stands dead center and creates a force field with her star magic, other people can enter and leave safely. She cannot do anything else while she is creating this bubble of safety, however.   To the best of anyone's knowledge, a Tang portal cannot be used to travel through time. However, occasional "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" side effects have been known to result from using it, especially if Tempest's magical resources are strained at the time. Whether this is a side effect of the portal itself, or of traveling through alternate realities where time may work differently, remains anyone's guess.

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