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The Battle of Kin Beach

The Battle of Kin Beach is one of a few dramatic presentations meant to represent the Fall of House Lapin in the 3rd Elimination of Game of Tomes 2022. Think of the competition as our dice in an elaborate RPG, and the videos we present are the manifestation of the RPG. I chose this battle to write about because a) I am intimately familiar with the area, since I grew up around here b) we created an audio drama about it that I could use.  
CONTENT WARNINGS: violence, zombies, war, death, mass destruction, child combatants, death of a child.
The Battle of Kin Beach was a significant battle that took place during The Third Word War on the shore of Okanagan Lake, near The Warren. The Undead Horde shot down an evacuation helicopter carrying Realm of Music, Royal Consort of House Meles and most of the Forgelings (the Meles children) back to the Warren when the city was attacked. A battalion and two companies of Woodlander forces came to their defense, and were pinned down by an overwhelming wave of Undead. The battle ended when a burst of literomantic power from Sable Aradia destroyed the "regular" zombies, and repelled the Tome Zombies in a 200m radius. The survivors successfully retreated to the Sauropoda Protectorate.   This battle is believed by many to have marked the turning point of the war, both because of the heavy undead casualties, which slowed their advance, and because the combined forces of the literomancers under King Bob of House Sauropoda rallied to reclaim The Iron Tome for the living.

The Conflict


The Third Word War was particularly difficult for the Royal Families of Houses Meles, Lapin, and Ailurus. Lord Galakrond, Crown Prince of House Meles and son of Sable Aradia, sparked the Word War by stealing The Iron Tome from his mother.   When he and ICC DeadPeople both ended up as Night Monarchs, each in control of a separate Undead Horde, Galakrond, now known as Lord GalaWight, took the assault to his family. Queen Sable believed that gathering the members of his family into his thrall would increase his literomantic power through the The Law of Similarity.  

It can't have escaped your notice that GalaWight is collecting us like trading cards, right?
— Sable Aradia
  House Meles was the first to succumb to the Horde. Survivors fled to The Warren to seek refuge with House Lapin. Purpleheart, one of the Brocktrees — the elite guard of House Meles — fell to the Undead Horde trying to protect Prince Xantos Meles when he became separated from the rest of the family and confronted his older brother, Lord GalaWight. He, too, fell to the Horde. Sable Aradia was forced to give the order to open fire and close the magical portal that joined the Warren to Windy Willows when the Undead began to break through, knowing full well her 13-year-old son remained on the other side.   The Horde came for House Chiroptera next. GalaWight's sisters, the Archon and the Heir of House Ailurus, were sworn to Chiroptera's banner, and his brother, Prince Jean of House Lapin, was staying at The Cavern. GalaWight successfully acquired Prince Jean, but the Ailurus Heir, Senna Nightshade, made a magically-sealed pact with ICC DeadPeople — she would join his side of the Horde willingly, as long as the system of storehouses maintained by House Ailurus remained untouched by the Horde.   This act of supreme self-sacrifice removed her from GalaWight's influence, protected the lifesaving supplies that the living needed to survive the assault of the Undead, and bought her sister, Archon Mykola Void, time to escape. She later received the Lapin Star of Valour for this action.   The three House Leaders formed the Woodland Family Alliance and combined their forces and decision-making from this point. They began referring to themselves as "the Woodland Royal Family" and their mutual subjects as "Woodlanders."   The Horde now turned their attentions on House Lapin. Suitably bolstered both in numbers and literomantic power, they divided their forces. ICC DeadPeople led an attack on an important power generator and portal relay station in Aldergrove, allowing The Missing House and House Lapin to portal all the way across the continent to the Sauropoda Protectorate if necessary. Meanwhile, Lord GalaWight led the assault on the Okanagan Valley and the Warren.


Knowing that his mother would maximize her military resources, Lord GalaWight began by converting the local British Columbia Dragoons (BCDs) in Kelowna before approaching the Warren. He then deployed roughly 20 Tome Zombie literomancers to convert as many living people to zombies as he possibly could, intending to overwhelm the living Woodlander forces with a classic zombie wave assault, supported by armoured infantry.  
Filk me — now they've got armoured vehicles too.
— MCpl Jean W. Tremaine, British Columbia Dragoons
  The Woodlanders tracked the approach of this massive force via satellite. They called back a battalion of the Rocky Mountain Rangers, irregular infantry typically stationed out of Kamloops, who had been reassigned to the Warren to comb the local woodlands and nearby mountain terrain for hidden zombies. As additional reinforcements, they ordered a company of Dragoons stationed at the Vernon military base to set up a defensive perimeter at Vernon's north end.   The Woodlanders were forced to deploy their Tome Knights sparingly and defensively. Roughly a third were dispatched to the perimeter to provide magical support. The remaining two thirds were either members of the royal family and their elite bodyguards, or held in reserve to create a stronger literomantic defense at the Warren.


Kin Beach is a long strip of sand, separated from a long, two-lane road by barricades, and surrounded by difficult terrain. This made the approach challenging, balancing the scales in favour of the defenders.   On the south end, there are large cement barriers and a raised bike trail, designed specifically to prevent vehicles from driving onto the beach. Across from the beach, on the other side of Lakeshore Rd., is a trailer park and marshy terrain. Further along Lakeshore Rd., heading south, is a smaller park, designed for cars to park and look at the lake; again, separated by a metal barricade. At the end of the beach there is a large apartment building that completely cuts off access to the lake.   On the north end, Kin Beach Park is surrounded by old poplar trees. Where the two sides of the beach meet, at the intersection of Tronson Rd. and Lakeshore Rd., there is a small parking lot area that is separated from both beach and park by metal columns and more cement barriers; again, specifically placed to prevent vehicles from driving on the beach. The park is surrounded by 40-year-old residential housing set into steep hillsides with sandy soil.


Winter conditions required the living troops to contend with the effects of damp cold and light snowfall. Temperature hovered around 0 degrees Celsius. However, wind speed remained at a light breeze, not breaking 2 km per hour over the course of the battle.   Much of the conflict took place in shallow, cold water. The Forgelings had to be treated for hypothermia following the conflict.   As always, when fighting zombies, casualties to the living Woodlander forces also meant reinforcements for the enemy.

The Engagement

Falling Back to the Beach

Lord GalaWight's forces quickly overran the northern perimeter, with the aid of his summoned conjurations and the two battalions worth of zombies reinforced directly by Undead literomancers. The surviving Dragoons fell back, and the Rangers were ordered to provide support to the retreating Dragoons.   Overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the wave, and the unexpected armour, Sable Aradia ordered the evacuation of the Warren and a retreat of the literomancers to join King Bob in the Sauropoda Protectorate. While the Warren would have withstood the siege, the Woodlander Tome Knights would have been pinned down and unable to aid in the fight for the remainder of the war.   In the march on the Warren, the Undead shot down a helicopter that was evacuating Realm of Music, Royal Consort of House Meles, and the surviving Forgelings, back to the Warren from a school field trip. They crashed in Okanagan Lake, near the shore of Kin Beach in the Okanagan Landing area, less than 3 km from the Warren. The pilot was killed in the crash, but the Forgelings suffered only a few cuts and bruises, and the King Consort's leg was broken. Military satellites tracked the crash site, and a rescue attempt was organized under Queen Sable's command.  
Damn, that's the northern flank! Tell them to stay in the water! The Horde doesn't have any Molluscans.
— Commander Kitoypoy
  In the meantime, the Rocky Mountain Rangers, and a handful of surviving Dragoons, had also tracked the crash, and fell back to Kin Beach to protect the royal family until they could be rescued. The Rangers were pinned down on the crescent strip of the beach, and while it was poor terrain for their enemy to maneuver armoured vehicles in, they were quickly outnumbered, and fully expected to be slain to a man on the lakeshore. Deploying M72 light anti-tank weaponry bought them a little time, however; as did deploying 60mm mortars against the teeming zombie mass. But attrition was high, and they were repeatedly forced to fall back.  
Goddamn it! Just aim for the middle of 'em!
— CSM Dennis Reilly, Rocky Mountain Rangers


Forced to fall back into a defensive perimeter around the royal family in the water, the Woodlanders were flanked when the Horde gained access to the lake. To the south, the Undead removed the metal barricade from the smaller park further along Lakeshore Rd., and wound their way around the length of the beach. To the north, they slipped down the slopes, around the houses, and into the shallow water. No vehicles were able to advance from the north, but a section of 10 Tome Zombies accompanied them as fire support.  

The Rescue

Queen Sable, in command by mutual agreement of the Woodlanders, assigned Erin Righ to leading the evacuation and Archon Mykola to organizing the Woodlander defense of Aldergrove to facilitate the evacuation. She then asked for volunteers to assist her in a rescue mission of King Consort Realm and the Forgelings.   This was neither sentimentality nor bravado on her part. Prinx Tempest had a unique ability to create a fiery portal through realities, something they called a "Tang Portal" because its interior was bright orange and looked like a swirling tunnel of Tang artificial beverage. However, their portal was as hot as a sun and radioactive to boot. Sable, being immune to Tempest's powers, could use her abilities to create a force field within the portal that allowed others to make use of it without being harmed — something they had discovered when they came to Archon Mykola's aid in Ailurus' flight from the Cavern.   Most of the Woodland Royal Family, as well as the Owsla and surviving Brocktrees, joined the rescue effort. A Tang portal was opened to the site of the helicopter crash, in the shallow waters near the end of the beach, at the edge of Kin Beach Park. They arrived just as the zombies had begun to break through the defensive line of the Rangers and make their way into the water.   The Brocktrees and the Owsla led the charge, making use of Owsla Commander Kitoypoy's elite armed squad to protect Queen Sable and the rescuers. They were quickly followed by King Darth Nikolas who deployed earth-magic to create a barricade, cutting off two angles of approach, and Princess Sunny, who wielded tentacles and skillet to devastating effect.   Most of the Forgelings made their way through the water and into the Tang portal, but Princess Monkey was too frightened to run. Then the corpse of Prince Xantos appeared behind the wave of zombies that was assaulting them, and it was he who killed his little sister.  

Turning Undead

Was that Turn Undead?! Did we just see Turn Undead? That's some D&D shit goin' on! Did you know she could Turn Undead?
— Commander Kitoypoy
  The Mother of Bunnies, unable to go to her daughter's aid while she held open the portal, let out a scream that witnesses later described as "primal" and "bloodcurdling." A massive explosion radiated out from her body in a flash of literomantic white light.   All non-literomancer zombies in a 200m radius were instantly vapourized. Tome Zombies in a 500m radius were actively repelled and forced to flee the area. Lord GalaWight's Void conjurations were also banished back to The Void.   This "white light explosion" also managed to instantly heal all the living wounded within a 1 km radius, including everything from hypothermia, to Realm of Music's broken leg, even to soldiers dying of zombie-cursed wounds. Lost limbs were not regenerated, but the wounds were sealed as if they had been surgically tended and in recovery for weeks. There was no sign of infection in any of the healed wounds after the fact.   After this massive expenditure of magical energy, the Bunny Queen collapsed and fell unconscious. The Tang portal was severed. About half of the rescue mission was still in the lake, and the other half, including the surviving Forgelings, Prinx Tempest, and King Nik, were stuck back at the Warren.  
IS SABLE OKAY? Shit shit shit, I'm out of juice. I'm coming as fast as I can! Someone prep a chopper, now!
— Prinx Tempest


While this display of magic was impressive, it only bought the Woodlanders much needed time. Although the surviving Rangers and Dragoons credit the Mother of Bunnies directly with their survival, the effect only lasted about 20 minutes, and the estimated 2500 zombies destroyed were still only about half of the Horde's current strength in the Okanagan Valley.   Prinx Tempest took command. Two evacuation helicopters were dispatched in the reprieve. Commander Kitoypoy used an agimat charm to change his Queen into her bunny form, and he carried her unconscious body from the field. The rescue mission and the other survivors successfully evacuated back to the Warren, locked it down, and made it through the portal to Aldergrove. While another engagement awaited them there, they did eventually successfully make the jump to the Swamp.   Queen Sable was treated in hospital for critical Magic Drain with IV fluids, and the Forgelings were treated for hypothermia.   Literomancers slain in the battle and recruited into the Undead Horde included OffspringNumber1, BitzerK, ExiledFae, VeganAtheistCoral, Blade of Glory 6, Platinum Firebird, and Princess Monkey Meles.


The magic drain that Queen Sable suffered hampered her ability to continue fighting in the war. Driven by the knowledge that five of her ten children were now dead, she made the decision to "overcharge" with magical energy borrowed from The Firmament. This put her at even greater risk for long-term damage from magic drain. After the Battle of Mount Mitchell, Sable collapsed again, and had to be taken from the field in a wheelchair. Recovery was expected to take months, but Erin Righ's clever summoning of a Litwalker healer cut the recovery time short. Still, whether or not there are any long term effects of this remains to be seen.   Since the Lapin Lira was the world currency standard, the world economy pitched into a nose dive. Only the Woodlander treaty to recognize each other's currency at par was able to stabilize the plummet. The economic consequences are likely to be felt for years.   However, most of the Woodlanders survived, and went on to support House Sauropoda at the Battle of Mount Mitchell. The Undead Horde were defeated, and The Iron Tome was once more claimed by the living -- this time by Good King Bob of House Sauropoda.   All of Sable's children, including Lord Galakrond, were resurrected at the end of the Third Word War by either the magic of the Mother of Bunnies, or the power of the Iron Tome.

Historical Significance


The British Columbia Dragoons and Rocky Mountain Rangers both received the Lapin Commander-in-Chief Unit Commendation from Queen Sable for their actions. The investiture took place on New Year's Day 2023 at the Warren. Several soldiers from both regiments have been nominated to receive the Lapin Star of Valour. Numerous Bleeding Heart Medals (the Lapin Protectorate equivalent of the American Purple Heart or the Canadian Sacrifice Medal) were awarded as well.
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A lakeshore in summer near a park

The Battle of Kin Beach took place in this part of the shallow water near the shore, where the helicopter carrying Queen Sable's children, the Meles Royal Family, crashed - by Sable Aradia

Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
November 16, 2022
Ending Date
November 16, 2022
Conflict Result
Escape of the Woodlander forces; Undead Horde temporarily put to flight

Winter trees at sunset on the shore of Okanagan Lake

Kin Beach in Winter by Wikimedia Commons

The Undead Horde swarmed over this park to assault the beach, defended by the Rocky Mountain Rangers and a handful of BC Dragoons. King Consort Realm Meles and the Forgelings were in the water near the shore.



A coat of arms, divided into salmon and green halves, with two trees, and a tiger, a rabbit, a red panda, a badger and fox

Woodland Family Alliance by Tempest Kwake

  • 23 Tome Knights
  • 1 battalion: Rocky Mountain Rangers (637 irregular infantry reservists)
  • 1 company, half strength: British Columbia Dragoons (101 armoured infantry reservists)
  • Undead Horde by Dani Adventures

  • 1 Night Monarch
  • 20 Tome Zombies
  • 20 summoned Void creatures
  • 387 undead British Columbia Dragoons (armoured infantry reservists)
  • 2100 "regular" zombies (est.)
  • 243 undead Rocky Mountain Rangers "recruited"
  • Casualties

  • 7 Tome Knights dead and turned
  • 223 Rocky Mountain Rangers dead and turned
  • 20 BC Dragoons dead and turned
  • 91 Rocky Mountain Rangers injured, but healed by the "Turn Undead" blast
  • 20 BC Dragoons injured, but healed by the "Turn Undead" blast
  • Realm of Music injured, but healed by the "Turn Undead" blast
  • Sable Aradia critically injured
  • 387 undead British Columbia Dragoons disintegrated
  • 243 undead Rocky Mountain Rangers disintegrated
  • 2100 "regular" zombies disintegrated (est.)
  • 20 Void creatures banished
  • 20 Tome Zombies disabled
  • Objectives

  • To protect and rescue the Woodland Royal Family
  • To cover the evacuation of the Warren and retreat of the overwhelmed Woodland military forces
  • To convert the living literomancers among the Woodlanders, and drain their literomantic power
  • To overrun and capture the Warren
  • For full interactive battle maps, including step-by-step breakdowns of the battle, we highly recommend you open each of them in full-size Presentation View! See the white button at the bottom right of each map!
    Battle of Kin Beach, Part 1
    The Battle of Kin Beach was a defining conflict in The Third Word War. The first salvos of the Battle of Kin Beach were exchanged at the city limits of the city, Vernon, BC, Lapin Protectorate. This map follows the early exchanges of the battle that eventually concluded at Kin Beach.
    Battle of Kin Beach, Part 2
    The Battle of Kin Beach was a defining battle in The Third Word War. It took place on the shore of Okanagan Lake, less than a kilometer from The Warren. This map details Part 2, which was the main thrust of the battle.
    Battle of Kin Beach, Part 3

    Arms and Equipment

    Rocky Mountain Rangers

  • C6 7.62-mm Medium Machine Gun
  • C7A2 5.56-mm Automatic Rifle
  • C9A2 Light Machine Gun
  • Colt M203 40-mm Grenade Launcher
  • M72 light anti-tank weapon
  • 60mm Mortar
  • Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle

  • Vehicles:
  • Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS)
  • Militarized Commercial Off-The-Shelf (MilCOTS)
  • Various civilian pattern light trucks

  • British Columbia Dragoons

  • C8A3 Carbine Automatic Rifle
  • C7A2 5.56-mm Automatic Rifle

  • Vehicles:
  • Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled (G-Wagon)
  • Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV)

    Soldiers on patrol in the winter

    Rocky Mountain Rangers by Omega Student Newspaper

    Two people with bunny ears -- one is creating a magic portal, the other is running towards it

    Prinx Tempest and Queen Sable going to the rescue of the Forgelings by HeroForge

    Modern soldiers shooting zombies on the shores of a lake at night

    An artist's depiction of the Battle of Kin Beach by Pixabay

    A zombie horde

    Zombies by Night Cafe

    A helicopter landing on a beach

    Evac helicopter lands on Kin Beach by Pixabay

    A well-armed Filipino man carrying a white rabbit gently from a blasted beach

    Cmd. Kitoypoy carries Queen Sable from the battlefield after the Battle of Kin Beach by HeroForge/Kitoypoy/Sable Aradia

    Tang Portal
    Spell | Dec 31, 2022
    Turn Undead
    Spell | Dec 29, 2022
    Magic Drain
    Condition | Jan 24, 2023
    Lapin Star of Valour
    Item | Jul 30, 2023
    Bleeding Heart Medal
    Item | Jan 18, 2023

    Cover image: Dragoon by Wikimedia Commons


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