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Monkey Meles ([ MUHNG-kee MEH-leez ] | / ˈmʌŋ ˈmɛ liz /)

Princess Monkey Meles

Monkey is a Princess of House Meles and the second youngest child among the Forgelings. As a Werebadger she is third in line to the Willow Throne after Princess Salem Meles She is the biological daughter of Sable Aradia and the Badger Lords.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For the most part, Princess Monkey's parents have been careful to keep her out of the public eye, especially after all the scandals. But in The Third Word War, Monkey quietly took up the study of Literomancy so that she could help her family.   Monkey died tragically at The Battle of Kin Beach, killed and claimed for the Undead Horde by her sibling Xantos Meles. This put her in the thrall of her elder brother Lord Galakrond, who was then one of the Night Monarchs.   The Princess' death was the catalyst for Queen Sable's famous Turn Undead effect that ended the battle and put the Bunny Queen on the casualty list for most of the war. However, it was also a rallying point for the Woodland Family Alliance, who were effective as part of House Sauropoda's army as they made their claim to The Iron Tome.   She was resurrected at the end of the war through King RPGDinosaurBob's filking magic through possession of The Iron Tome. Unlike many others raised through this effect, her resurrection did not leave any signs of her death wounds.


Family Ties

As the biological children of Sable Aradia, the Forgelings are siblings of the scions of House Ailurus and House Lapin.  
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Chaotic Good
Year of Birth
2012 12 Years old
Parents (Adopting)
red, long, straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
English, Badger, some Rabbit.
Princess Monkey was killed at The Battle of Kin Beach in the The Third Word War.

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