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Princess Sunny

Article by Sunny L and Sable Aradia. IRL, Sunny streams at and is known in the community for her encouragement and excellent word crawls.

Princess of House Lapin, the Void Bunny, Rabbit of the Void Sunny Lapin, DoR (Defender of the Realm) (a.k.a. BunBun, Chaos Bunny)

Princess Sunny is Sable Aradia's sister, acknowledged as a Scion of House Lapin; though this connection was discovered recently. Mystery surrounds her origins, and neither she nor her sister have been exactly forthcoming with this information. She is best known as the Rabbit of the Void, and is considered the foremost expert on that strange plane of existence.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sunny suffers from a number of chronic conditions, including diabetes, migraines and astigmatism.

Body Features

Sunny is a fluffy-sized female-presenting genderqueer person in her human form, with ample curves she prefers to dress comfortably.   While the Rabbit of the Void does posses a half-bunny form, it is not the usual anthropomophic rabbit shape. Instead, she develops the ears and tail of a rabbit, and very occasionally, a rabbit's paws, while traversing the paths of The Void. These rabbit features are black with grey tips, and seem to give her some advantage in her Voidwalking, with hind paws only appearing if she needs to walk the deeper paths.   Sunny's rabbit form is of an indeterminate lagomorph species with unusually short legs and cute, almost "kittenish" features. Her fur is a deep midnight black and speckled with what appear to be tiny, glowing stars. Her eyes shift from green to glowing red. However, this apparently innocuous bunny form can divide itself from its forehead to its midsection into an anemone-like structure of multiple shadowy tentacles, that surround a gaping, red maw filled with impossibly jagged fangs; something like a Saarlac pit. In this form, she can swallow whole anything up to three times her human body weight, and chew on anything that fits into her impossibly huge maw like a row of bandsaws. The effect is a bit like a woodchipper -- only messier.

Identifying Characteristics

Sunny is mostly right handed and thus wears the occasional wrist brace on that side when she's been taking down notes by hand again, or has overtyped during the day. The fact that one eye tends to wander off to the side is slowly being trained out of her eyes with the new eyeglasses, but will continue to happen as the glasses age.   She has a few smaller scars on her hands from baking accidents, and two on her arm that are nearly white from age from a betrayer grabbing her arm at a young age. There are scattered freckles over her shoulders and a few darker spots. She has a lightish burn on her outer left thigh that is only seen when she wears shorts, due to an accident with a bowl of boiling hot ramen landing on her leg.

Special abilities

When it comes to the Void, her titles of Historian and Caretaker means that she is discovering the lost history that the Void holds. She walks and sees paths of things that could have happened, did happen in another time, or could happen yet. She tends to leave the Path of Possibilities alone, though, since that is her sister’s Path.   She also has access to The Heart of the Void a mirror that is surrounded by shadows that seemed to writhe and stroke over the mirror. While her sister finds it easy to use the mirror, Sunny finds it harder to do much more than look in the early past.   She can wield her Literomancy well, creating action and horror and romance at a turn of a dime. Her abilities in her literomancy is about normal for someone of her writing skills.   She is able to shift into something shaped as a rabbit, but highly doubts that she is a normal Wererabbit like her sister. Seeing as she can split her front from the tip of her forehead between her ears down to her belly button into a mouth full of teeth? It's highly doubtful that she is any kind of a "normal bunny."

Apparel & Accessories

Sunny dresses in the most comfortable clothes she can reasonably get away with, depending on circumstances. These usually take the form of nightgowns when at home, but may also include shorts and tank tops in hot summer weather.   She wears rose-gold glasses with blue-tinted lenses in all her forms, which helps to correct her astigmatism, and may aid her Voidsight; or, may help to correct her vision in the physical realm, since her eyes have been adapted to Voidsight.

Specialized Equipment

Rose framed glasses - These are just to see. They have a blue light filter film on them and they tend to shift with her forms.   A notebook - she keeps her secrets and plots within this notebook. Most find that her handwriting is rather neat, if not interesting (being as they're a mix of larger capital letters with smaller capital letters) but are unable to comprehend the mix of stream of thoughts and plot line ideas, and the random thoughts that came to her while she was doing something and had to jot them down.   A Book - She constantly reads from this book, sometimes taking notes, and sometimes just reads it to read it. It seems to ever change according to her needs.   Bats - We are not talking of the House of Bats. We're talking about various kinds of bats that one would see at a baseball game. Wooden are favored but she finds that they break when it comes time to beat a particularly stubborn problem, so will switch to heavier bats accordingly. She still prefers her Void-given abilities.   Rainbow Knife - A knife gifted to her that often disappears due to the tin it hides in disappearing randomly. This knife shines as if it was slicked with rainbow oil and is her favored close combat weaponry. Any time someone asks her about the odd sheen to it, she just smiles and says that it was a gift from a very special friend.   Chromebook/Laptop - Her main choices in casting her Literomancy with, she is always at hand with one or the other, ready to write or read, or even just watch something interesting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
Princess Sunny began her life as a clone of Queen Sable Aradia. The details of how they acquired the future Mother of Bunnies' DNA remain fuzzy, but as Sable-rah points out, when she was eight years old, the time at which Princess Sunny's life began in a test tube, she had perpetually skinned knees and really long hair, and a suborned school nurse or a chance encounter with a hairbrush could have easily explained this.   However, The Company intended to corrupt the House Lapin family line and make their creation more susceptible to their influence, and they thought exposing the developing fetus to the weird energies of The Void would accomplish this.   The result was to eliminate their chances of replacing Sable, as they had intended, completely. The Void exposure changed Sunny's DNA in significant and unanticipated ways. Not only does she look nothing at all like her "twin" sister, but she has significant differences in her anatomy that can only be described as "weird" and "alien." She became even less susceptible to the Company's influence, as none of the technology they'd developed to accomplish this took to Sunny's alien DNA.   For a time, they kept the child that had resulted from this manipulation, feeling that they might yet get some use out of her. However, the person they had assigned as her caretaker had a crisis of conscience, and did whatever was in her power to get little Sunny away from their clutches -- which turned out to be successful.   What Sunny's caretaker, the woman she had grown up calling her mother, did tell her when she was looking into things was that the person assigned as her caretaker during her time under the Company’s care had made sure she was erased from their system. All evidence of her DNA profiles, her appearance, and everything else that she could get her hands on were wiped from their databases, as far as she knew. Then she fled, and hid Sunny.   Her mother/caretaker knew nothing else beyond that, and never heard from their mysterious benefactor again.   Sunny and Sable confirmed these details when they were able to parse through the data packet that DM Stretch "liberated" from the Company's database at the end of The Second Word War. The Company almost certainly now knows that Sunny is their escaped experiment -- but there's not much they can do about it.   Furthermore, they may have sown the seeds of their own destruction. Not only has learning about this steeled Sable Aradia's resolve to wipe them out of existence, but by creating Sunny, they may have created the most implacable foe they have ever faced. And rather than viewing her as a threat, Sable has embraced her sister fully as a confidant and ally, one whom she feels balances her powers and natural inclinations perfectly.   You see, unfortunately for the Company, Sable is Voidtouched too...
  Princess Sunny knows that her life started out in a laboratory. After she had been given to her mother, she had a good childhood in the sense that her mother was caring, and raised her as well as she could with no help. Society at large was not kind to Sunny, considering the girl too strange, too vapid, too inattentive to be worth their time and attention. And those that did pay attention to her fell into two categories in her mind: The Hurtful Ones and Friends.   She started to itch though, to learn how to write and use the power that her words called forth, so started to travel, looking for the microscopic bread crumbs that were there if one was just willing to work for them.   Then the The First Word War happened and she found herself sheltering with the Cosmic Kraken themself, Coffee Quills. They showed her a new world and showed her how to use her words for good. She stood by Coffee as house after house fell to the Undead Horde, feeling a deep tug from somewhere that wasn’t the literomancy that they all used to fight the Undead with.   When House Lapin fled to House Mollusca was the first that she had truly met Sable Bright-Eyes and the rest of her House. From there she felt a connection that the two discovered to be familial; one that would grow through the following Tourney of Tales.   During the Tourneys, Sunny found The Void: a deep, mystical place that held secrets and knowledge that wrapped around her like an old familiar blanket. She told no one as she started to walk the paths, discovering where her shadow tentacles had come from and connecting to her Lapin Roots.   With another Tome War on the horizon, she decided that it was time to join her fellow Bunnies in the Fluffle and asked her sister if she had room for a Void Bunny, speaking the words for the first time. She was welcomed and stood strong with House Lapin, staying friends with those in House Mollusca even with all of the fighting going on between the houses.   Sunny and Sable took time in getting to know each other between fights and scuffles and watching their fellow houses fall. Finding out their connection near the end of the war, Sunny was named Princess of House Lapin.   Sunny, to this day, states that she refuses to take The Carrot Throne . Her newly-acknowledged nephew, Prince Jean , had every right to it and would continue to have every right to it. She highly doubts that she could pass the Rituals enough to be accepted by the Carrot Throne due to her unique biology.   Unfortunately for Sunny, a random flying biscuit the hardness of a petrified hockey puck took her out for the last bit of the war. She was most put out, having wanted to stand strong with her fellow Tome Knights, but understood that sometimes one must care for oneself even in the midst of a great battle.   After the war was won by the Grand Alliance once more, Sunny recovered from the biscuit to the head, which had left her with a two day migraine and knot on her temple, by visiting the Void.   She might have gotten lost for a while, and only came back after the first assassination attempt on her sister, due to the fact that the Void spit her out with instructions not to eat anyone.   After her sister had recovered, Sunny took time in getting to know her fellow Voiders and her sister even more, holding meetings with her nephew Lord Galakrond of House Meles. After a feast held in a pocket dimension, Sable once more was nearly killed before being brought back to life by her ‘Kind Bear powers’ (as Lord Galakrond describes them) and everyone’s love for her. So Sunny did something very stupid and looked into a Mirror , and promptly forgot what she had seen in the damage doing this inflicted.   Sunny was asked to take on more royal duties during the July 2022 Tourney of Tales, especially as her sister, the Voiders, and her family were subjected to a public smear campaign by the GOT News Network and their new corporate sponsor, The Company.   The Chaos Bunny joined in on The Battle of the Book as a support writer, and was awarded the title Defender of the Realm for her efforts.   By the time The Third Word War rolled around, she was a frontline literomantic military commander, and one of Sable-rah's closest and most trusted confidants. The three "Bun Sibs" (Sunny, Sable, and Tempest Kwake ) became an inseparable force; boon to their friends, bane to their enemies.

Gender Identity

Genderqueer female


Pansexual demisexual

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sunny has been able to keep herself mostly healthy for the first two Tourney of Tales and the Tome Wars by listening to the likes of ShyRedFox, FoxWriter, and to a lesser degree, Tempest and Sable. She finished a few stories and finds it easier to focus when casting literomancy with her friends.

Failures & Embarrassments

Sunny is saddened that her duties, and hunt for one using the Void in unnatural ways, made her not notice that something awful was happening to a loved one.

Mental Trauma

Sunny has never been... normal, and this has left its mark on her. Some of that trauma is mitigated by having found her family and the Voiders; people who accept her for who she is, even with all her strangeness.

Intellectual Characteristics

Like all known Voidtouched, Sunny has ADHD. She also has a minor case of what her psychiatrist once called Learned OCD and Hypergraphia.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Writing, reading, being with friends, hanging out in streams no matter what the content as long as the person on the other end is a good person, being with her loved ones.   Dislikes: Trolls, those who don't have a lick of common sense, those who disregard the rules set before people. Those who hate just to hate, discriminate just because they think they're better then others, and those who try to ruin others lives just because they like something they don't. Sable trying to die on her.   Again.

Virtues & Personality perks

Sunny is encouraging and caring as much as she can be. She knows when to pull away from the rest of the world to recharge and when not to interact with people. She tries to see the best out of everyone that she meets.

Vices & Personality flaws

Books and alone time. She jealously guards both and tends to get grumpy when her safe space is invaded. She tends to overthink things if something sets her off or it is a bad day.


Contacts & Relations

While Sunny is fully devoted to House Lapin and the Voiders Anonymous, and is committed to House Lapin's alliances, she maintains friendly relations with House Mollusca as well, feeling a debt of gratitude to them for taking her in during the First Word War.   The Rabbit of the Void has her own personal bodyguard; her good friend, Duochanfan, who has also joined the Fluffle.

Family Ties

  • Sable Aradia - sister
  • Tempest Kwake - sibling
  • Lord Galakrond - nephew
  • Prince Jean - nephew
  • Erin Righ - brother-in-law
  • Religious Views

    Sunny believes in a general sort of way in a Creator of some sort who allows its creations to grow and develop in their own way, but rarely interacts. Sometimes she chooses to practice connecting to the Divine through Pagan ritual. However, she has seen too much, and walked the paths of the Void too long, to be truly close to any one deity or belief.   Sunny does believe in some of the Creator Beings who watch over the animal totems, but does not have a close relationship with any of them. She highly respects the Killer Rabbits of history, and the Rabbit of Caerbannog in particular, as she feels a certain affinity to them due to her own abilities as a Void Rabbit.

    Social Aptitude

    Sunny in many ways is quite shy. She has never revealed her human form on stream. On the other hand, when she is confident that she is among those who share her nerdiness and her off-colour sense of humour, she is a font of cheerful weirdness that others find quite magnetic. She is also a light of encouragement to those who have struggled or been rejected as she has.


    The Void Bunny tries not to curse. This amuses her sister, who is known to swear like a sailor on the regular, especially considering many of the Rabbit of the Void's darker inclinations.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Numerous cats, including Artemis and Miracle. These assistant literomancers are staunch allies.


    Sunny speaks with a flat Midwestern accent, and her tone is somewhat nasal. This actually gives her voice a pleasant and soothing quality that relaxes people who listen to it.


    Sable Aradia

    sister (Vital)

    Towards Princess Sunny



    Princess Sunny

    sister (Vital)

    Towards Sable Aradia




    Sable and Sunny first met in their middle adulthood, and trust has been slow to grow between them. They've been through a lot together now, united by being Voidtouched and fighting The Company. They are learning to be more emotionally trusting towards each other as well. The love is real, but Sable sometimes frustrates The Netherlayers out of Sunny, as Sable insists upon putting herself in harm's way -- something she views as her duty as Chief Rabbit.

    Nicknames & Petnames

    The Voidtouched bun sibs tend to assign backhanded complimentary nicknames to one another that have something to do with their Void powers. Sable calls Sunny "Saarlac" affectionately for her maw of teeth; Sunny calls her "Lite Brite" for her starlight glow.

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    A salmon pink banner with a white rabbit head in the center. Text:

    House Lapin by Dani Adventures

    Chaotic Neutral
    Current Status
    Recovering from gazing into The Void Mirror
    Current Location
    Currently Held Titles
    Date of Birth
    March 26
    Year of Birth
    1984 40 Years old
    Circumstances of Birth
    Sable Aradia (sister)
    Current Residence
    Green (human form,) red (bunny form)
    Shoulder-length, greying but subject to whimsical colour changes
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Skin is pale white; fur is midnight black and speckled with stars
    5'9" (human form), 16" long (bunny form)
    Soft bunbun is soft. That's all you get.
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    It's not how many words that matters. What matters is that you wrote those words and put them down onto paper or screen.
    — Said to numerous Tome Knights and other writers in many different ways
    Ah, fudge nugget. This is not working. Yeet it into the nothingness and start once more!
    — Often said to herself as she writes
    George the Nuggie dies this night! Come back here, you moldy food item!
    — Said frequently to The Nuggies and Voiders Anonymous
    Oh dear. What did these absolute soggy, moldy, cucumbers do to my nephew?
    — Said in regards to recent events
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    English, Abyssal, fluent sailor, when she's pushed just right.

    A strange black rabbit with an alien tail and eyes in a frame of teeth

    Princess Sunny the Void Bunny by HeroForge

    Sunny by Tempest Kwake

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