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The Void Mirror

Article written by Sable Aradia and Sunny L, with additions by Lord Galakrond and Tempest Kwake.
The Void Mirror, is a Literomantic artifact guarded by Princess Sunny, Caretaker of The Void. It enables the Princess and her sibling, Queen Sable, to use the dark, reflective surface of the Mirror to see visions of things they could not otherwise know. These visions might concern the past, the present, or the future, or even other realities.   It is unknown if anyone else but Princess Sunny and Queen Sable can use the Void Mirror. To their knowledge, no one else has tried.   The Void Mirror appears to everyone who has seen it in a different way, perhaps as a side effect of the unsettled bits of realities that shaped it:
  • Princess Sunny has described it as a mirror that would sit on a vanity, with delicate decorations around it that glow bright in the inky blackness of the Void.
  • Queen Sable has written that to her, it looks much like an ancient floor mirror, with wrought iron curling around the silver backed glass.
  • Prinx Tempest wrote that they see it in its elemental parts, as pieces of the past, the present, and the future shifting together in patterns even they don’t understand. Sometimes the patterns look like pictures, but mostly they seem random.
  • Lord Galakrond described it in his Book of Necrosis as a standing mirror with two badgers on either side, curling around the curve of it, a vampiric skull at the top and a crow reminiscent of Boodles lounging on the bottom.

  • When the Mirror is not in use, it has a soft silver sheen over the black face of its surface, which almost ripples as if it was liquid.

    Mechanics & Inner Workings

    According to the Void Princess, the Mirror is directly connected to the Paths of Possibilities and the Path of History within the Void. Unless the user has a connection to those paths, trying to make use of the Void Mirror is incredibly dangerous.   Even to those who do have such connections, using the Mirror appears to be an incredible magical effort, the sort that causes Magic Drain and Magical Backlash simply by doing it. Princess Sunny has demonstrably suffered severe migraines and partial amnesia from its use, and Queen Sable experienced ill effects after using the Mirror that may indicate she was damaged by the experience as well, although this is harder to determine.

    Manufacturing process

    Canon information unknown in the GoTverse
    Prinx Tempest wrote that they smoked a lot of Voidnip, enough that realities became completely confused, and then utilized their Literomancy to meld pieces of stray realities together in a process that caused severe pain and Magic Drain. They do not remember specifics, for obvious reasons.


    The Mirror has been there as long as Sunny has known of the Void but she feels as if it wasn’t there before, but rather, it appeared when the time came. She has been unable to find any history of it, but she suspects it might have something to do with why there is a mummy that floats in the sections between The Firmament and the Void Proper. She knows it must have been created by someone with a strong connection to the Void.   Canon information unknown within the GoTverse.
    Prinx Tempest created the Void Mirror for their sisters to use in the Void, but this is not something they have spoken of to anyone, not even their sisters. It is unknown whether Prinx Tempest can use the Void Mirror themself or not.


    While using the Void Mirror is something the Voiders obviously try to avoid, it has been used on a couple of significant occasions. The most recent was when Princess Sunny wanted to know who had poisoned her sister, the Queen. Near the end of the April Tourney of Tales 2022 she made use of the Void Mirror for this purpose... and was promptly struck with a massive migraine that lasted a week and selective amnesia that she had ever even consulted the Mirror.  
    Oh, dear.
    — Princess Sunny, upon seeing Lord Galakrond poisoning Queen Sable's chili in the Void Mirror
      The memory of having done so came back to her near the end of the July Tourney of the same year, and she promptly shared it with her Voider siblings. Queen Sable activated the Void Mirror and it showed her the same vision, along with a quick glimpse that hinted at things to come, although she didn't recognize it at the time — namely, the brewing threat of Lord GalaWight and Lord Galakrond's theft of The Iron Tome.  
    (Relevant segment starts at 10:30)
    — Queen Sable, upon seeing Lord Galakrond poison her chili in the Void Mirror
      While this vision deeply hurt and traumatized the Bunny Queen, it also led her to pursue tanglible evidence that this had taken place. She and Erin Righ discovered that electromagnetic interference caused by Voidy energies emitted by Lord Galakrond had scrambled the video signals of the Owsla security cameras, and the signal was easily decoded using a vintage satellite TV descrambler. Further assassination attempts were thus prevented, and the cause of the situation was also discovered as a result of questioning why the Mirror had shown them a signal centering around the Void Prince's head.


    The Void Mirror is located in a spherical pocket in the Deep Void that encases its power safely. It is accessible by following a particular path that goes from the natural entry point into the Void, down to a slimmer, much more dangerous path.   It is thought that all layers of the Void can access the chamber but the "doorways" and paths from those layers have not been found or opened yet.
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    A mirror floating in a Void, showing images of the cosmos
    The Void Mirror by Sable Aradia/Melody Relody
    Item type
    Unique Artifact
    Creation Date
    Unknown. Canon information unknown in the GoTverse
    Presumably it was created sometime after 1987, the year Prinx Tempest was born, but time in the Void is a weird soup.
    Current Location
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    Owning Organization
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    Base Price
    Yeah, right
    Raw materials & Components
    Canon information unknown within the GoTverse
    Prinx Tempest, in a personal diary entry that recounted their creation of the Void Mirror, said they had constructed it of pieces of the past, present, and future of defunct realities scavenged from The Overflow.
    Uhhh... your guess is as good as ours.
    Related Materials
    A black rabbit, barely visible against a Void, stares into a mirror showing swirls of colour
    Princess Sunny discovers the Void Mirror by Sable Aradia/Melody Relody

    Known Backlash Effects:

  • Migraines
  • Mild memory loss
  • Temporary amnesia
  • Temporary blindness (length of time depending on what the person is trying to see)
  • Full body chronic illness flare-up of some kind (pain, stomach issues, etc.)
  • Short term coma
  • Hypervigilance (anxiety, irritability, panic attacks)
  • Paranoia
  • Possible temporary psychosis (unconfirmed)
  • Two cosmic bunnies looking into a Mirror, which is showing a young man, with radar circles around his head, putting something in a bowl. A third bunny looks away
    Queen Sable sees her poisoner in the Void Mirror by Sable Aradia/Lord Galakrond/Tempest Kwake/Melody Relody
    Two cosmic bunnies looking into a Mirror, which is showing a young man in photo negative. A third bunny looks away
    Queen Sable sees a vision of Lord GalaWight in the Void Mirror by Sable Aradia/Lord Galakrond/Tempest Kwake/Melody Relody

    Cover image: Princess Sunny and the Void Mirror by Sable Aradia/Melody Relody


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