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The Book of Necrosis

The Book of Necrosis is the name given to Lord Galakrond's records of his experiences in The Netherlayers of The Void. It is essentially a personal journal of exploration, but the plane that is being explored is a place of mind-shattering peril.   The name comes from references within the writing to what the Void Prince described as "necrotic thoughts." It is unclear what he meant by this, but the most prevalent theory is that this is a reference to his experience of being a Tome Zombie in the Second Word War and what he believed were lingering effects from this.   The first printing of The Book of Necrosis included numerous pieces of public domain occult art that loosely seemed relevant to the pages they were printed on, but mostly were intended to "make it look cool." A plate on the inside cover claimed that the original document was written on a strange combination of modern lined paper, parchment, some material that turned out to be made from pounded mushroom stalks, and even stranger, unidentified materials that were strongly implied to be some sort of tanned hide or possibly even human skin; a claim that the Demonic Conjurer hotly denies.   The ink is described as consisting, in places, of ballpoint pen ink, fountain pen ink, some brackish black liquid, and blood. This, Lord Galakrond does not deny.


Lord Galakrond was likely making a record of the Netherlayers for his own reference, and to help him make sense of the mindbending weirdness in this layer of the Void. He clearly did not intend this work for publication, especially considering the strangeness inherent in the document, and the fact that it is clearly in a rough draft state.   Who actually made it available for publication remains a mystery.

Document Structure

Publication Status

The Book of Necrosis is in its third printing, and there is now a special edition available that is bound in black leather that has been shaped to look like a spiral galaxy, with a red glass eye in the middle of it.

Historical Details


In the Second Word War, during the Battle of the Warren, witnesses claim that numerous portals were opened, either to breach barriers or throw objects telekinetically. Lord Galakrond, known to have been subsumed by the Undead Horde, and calling himself "Lord GalaWight," was also seen conjuring demons and using portals to traverse the tunnels of the Warren to breach its defenses. While the beginning of the document seems to have been written prior to this, most of it is believed to have been written in the months following the battle.


Following the Battle of the Warren, Lord Galakrond was wandering around the Void, where he stumbled upon Princess Sunny. He learned that she, too, was Voidtouched, and had been using and accessing different parts of the Void than he had. It was a revelation to Galakrond that there were other parts of the Void that he was unfamiliar with, and the Prince of Badgers decided to start documenting the Netherlayers, in order to compare notes with the others. They formed a group called Voiders Anonymous in order to share their information with one another.   Not long after that, the Voiders went public with their experiences, and soon developed a following, due to their on-point "inside baseball" political commentary, and their strange, chaotic sense of humour.   It is unclear who published Lord Galakrond's unfinished notes, or why. Was it a spy looking to discredit the Voiders, Lord Galakrond, or House Meles? Was it an opportunist looking for a quick cash grab? Was it some journalist, looking for a scoop?   No one is sure. Currently, Lord Galakrond is suing the publisher, Dark Moon Press, but the Book of Necrosis is a number one bestseller, and they have chosen not to pull it from the shelves as they wait for the resolution of the lawsuit. The Badger Prince has also issued a number of DMCA takedown notices, since the manuscript was published without his permission. Amazon has complied, but Dark Moon Press is arguing in court that the document is a matter of public record, since Lord Galakrond is a public figure. No web retailer in Asia has paid any attention, and you can still get the Book of Necrosis directly from the publisher. If anything, this has increased its notoriety and thus, sales.

Public Reaction

This is a hot topic in media and social media. Some claim it is a hoax, others that it is a revelation of great import. Both of these reactions have their positive and negative sides; those who think it a hoax are either disgusted at what they see as "grasping at notoriety," or are amused by the "joke."   Academics who specialize in research on the Tome Knights or the Undead Horde are studying it in great detail, but no peer-reviewed papers have yet been released. Satanic cults, "chaos magicians" and other occult groups have praised the document, while the Church of Satan has denounced it as being "nonsense intended to discredit true Satanism by invoking hysteria."   Three different bills were introduced in Congress or Parliament in the Lapin, Meles, and Chiroptera Protectorates which called for mandatory psychological evaluations on literomancers once a year. Religious organizations are horrified, and some have even been calling for witch burnings of the literomancers as a result.   The "A-Voider" fandom, on the other hand, has embraced it as part of the Voiders' brand of chaotic humour.
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The Book of Necrosis by Rachaelmarie / Placidplace

Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
November 2021 to May 2022
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Lord Galakrond the Conjurer by Missi & Sable Aradia

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Lord GalaWight's Transformation by Missi

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Lord GalaWight facing off against the Mother of Bunnies at the Battle of the Warren by Missi & Sable Aradia


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