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Void Nuggies

Void Nuggies are a conscious, self-aware and sentient species that has evolved in The Void. Originating from a dinner of chicken nuggets hosted by The Missing House at which the cleanup was less than optimal, these dangerous eldritch entities mutated from a number of discarded chicken nuggets left in the Void, which later sank down into The Netherlayers and were... altered by the energies of the Demonic Spawning Rocks there.   The species gained the ability to create more of their number by harnessing the powers of those rocks, and they have since multiplied into a deadly army of savage beings seeking to take over all levels of reality. They have realized that they are effectively trapped in the Void, and are looking for ways to escape. Sable Aradia and the rest of the Voiders believe they represent an existential threat to this reality.

Basic Information


Void Nuggies appear to be moldy chicken nuggets with arms, legs, and faces. They have opposable thumbs and manipulate tools as effectively as humans do; though their tools are much smaller, to befit their smaller forms. Most of them also have a random number of shadowy tentacles with some limited prehensile abilities, and their teeth are sharp and pointed.   The "blood" of the nuggies seems to be some sort of half-rotten frying oil. It manifests as a decaying black ichor that smells about as good as you would expect rotting meat and oil to smell. It sticks to fur, hair, and clothing, and sometimes requires dishwashing soap and other emulsifying cleaning fluids to remove, as well as an acidic solution such as vinegar or tomato juice to get rid of the smell.

Genetics and Reproduction

Void Nuggies regenerate more of their number by spawning and respawning from the Demonic Spawning Rocks deep in the Netherlayers, just as the Demons do. Placing a decaying chicken nugget on the Rocks causes it to transform over a period of several days into a newly-generated Void Nuggie; placing any of the remains of a dead Void Nuggie on those same rocks causes it to regenerate and reincarnate.

Growth Rate & Stages

Void Nuggies spring into being fully formed and conscious, although they do have to be taught how to speak and use language. They learn this skill with frightening speed, however. A particularly slow-learning nuggie might pick up simple conversational skills over the course of a month.

Ecology and Habitats

The Void Nuggies, thus far, can only be found in the Void. They spawned in the Netherlayers, but have since spread widely throughout the Netherlayers and even into the Labyrinth. Frith only knows what will happen if they make it into reality in any numbers.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Void Nuggies seem to feed on Void radiation and creative energies. The Mother of Bunnies believes that their sharp teeth are intended to literally devour creative energies from the bodies of the creative people.

Biological Cycle

No one knows (or wants to know) about the true biological cycles of the Void Nuggies. Do they even die? Do they need to breathe? These are questions that nobody really wants the answers to.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The Void Nuggies appear to have been created by George the Mad Nuggie who continues to rule over them like a king or tribal chieftain. His court is known as the Five Dollar Fry Stand, and is believed to consist of nuggies who were either in the first batches to have been created by George, or have distinguished themselves in battle or in other ways to indicate their power.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

There is no use for a moldy chicken nuggie except compost.

Facial characteristics

Facial features of Void Nuggies are almost rudimentary, more like a caricature of a face than genuine "human" features. They have simple eyes with white sclera and a dark iris; their noses are more like a large bump on their crispy coating skin; and their mouths appear as slashes in the "top" section of their nugget bodies, until they show their teeth. Those mouths can open to impossibly large proportions for the size of their bodies.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Void nuggies primarily dwell in the section of the Netherlayers known as "The Pit," although there is a significant population that migrates into the Twisted Starscape regularly, and a few battalions who have made permanent homes in the Labyrinth to carry on the fight in The Nuggie Revolution.

Average Intelligence

Nuggies are frighteningly intelligent. They pick up language within a matter of weeks once created. They may be significantly more intelligent than Humans or Werebeasts are.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Void Nuggies have all the same five senses that humans do. They also appear to have some ability to navigate the Void paths, indicating the presence of some extrasensory abilities as well.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The mold that grows on nuggie hide may possibly be either a symbiotic or parasitic species, or may be intrinsic to their bodies. There has not been enough opportunity to study them to determine which.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Little is known of nuggie naming traditions. George is the only one who is broadly known by name. It is assumed that other nuggies would probably take similar, common-sounding names, but since their contact with the Twisted Starscape, it is also possible that they are known by eldritch words of power that hurt the human or werebeast mind to say.

Beauty Ideals

Since little is known of nuggie society, it's hard to say what they would value as far as "beauty" is concerned. However, the moldiest nuggies seem to get the most respect, so it can probably be safely assumed that a good, thick crop of mold is considered especially attractive.

Gender Ideals

Since they are formed by generating in the Netherlayers, nuggies do not have biological sexes. It's impossible to tell whether "gender" is a concept they even recognize.

Average Technological Level

Because everything is effectively scavenged in the Void, technology is difficult to come by. However, the Void Nuggies have developed sophisticated tools from the bodies of living demons, which they have twisted into shapes that suit their purposes. Primarily this has been seen in weapons development so far. The Void's environment is either constantly changing or constantly unchanging, so buildings and shelter are not a necessary technology (or are impossible to develop due to the impermanence of the environment) so nuggies have not developed any physical infrastructure aside from bulwarks and protective walls for use in warfare.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

All Void Nuggies are believed to speak a language they call Crisplin, which is a bastardized blend of English and the eldritch tongue of the Chthonic .

Common Dress Code

Void Nuggies do not wear clothing. They do not have biological sexes so modesty is unnecessary, and environmental factors are either not a consideration, or are impossible to defend against.


Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The eldritch beings of the Twisted Starscape have given the Void Nuggies aid in the past, in showing them how to use their Void-centered abilities. Other than that, nuggies don't get along with anybody, since they are hostile to all other known sentient species.
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Chicken nuggets with arms, legs and faces. Text:

Nuggies by Kat Illustration London

Average Height
Void Nuggies typically range between about an inch and a half to two and a half inches tall; although mutant nuggies exist that are considerably larger.
Average Weight
A few ounces
Average Length
Typically, nuggies don't measure more than a few inches thick, although again, there are... exceptions.
Average Physique
Typically, Void Nuggies are squat and sort of roundish in shape, but they also come in a taller, longer variety. Some are said to be shaped like totems of significant literomantic Houses, but so far this appears to be merely conjecture and rumour. What they would mean if it were proven to be true is anyone's guess. They are fleshy but boneless, and also seem to lack cartilage except as byproducts of their initial formation.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Void nuggies are covered in a "crispy" breading skin with varying degrees of solidity. Some are crunchy and flakey, while others are soggier. These breaded coatings are typically furred with mold, which ranges from dry sage green to a moist and unpleasant black.
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by

Chicken nuggets

Chicken Nuggets by Sukariui

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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