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Black Market

The Popup Black Market

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What are the Black Market Popup Shops?

A set of shops run by the Self Care Mafia that will appear weekly during Game of Tomes and Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales. Each GoT and ToT, we'll have special deals on a set of badges to collect. When you complete the self care tasks you can use those tasks to 'purchase' the special badges..   These deals are too good to refuse and will only be available a short time each week. Then they're gone forever.


Badges, You Said?

You heard right!   During major events (wars and tourneys), we'll have a set of badges you can earn. Badges will change out weekly.   Want a peek at the current badges?
Badge Samples.png

What Do I Have to Do to Earn the Badges?

During Major Events (Wars and Tourneys)

Physical and mental care go hand in hand. You can track your self care EACH WEEK with our There's a new bingo card for each week of the event.   Your self care will act as currency for the collectable badges in weekly Self Care Mafia popup Black Markets.   You’ll have a chance to earn collectable badges.
  • 1 Bingo on the week's bingo sheet = 1 badge earned for that week.
  • 2 Bingos on the week's bingo sheet = 2 badges earned for that week.


    A note about cheating.

    There is no honor in lying about self care. Seriously.


    What About the Gold Stars the Mafia Gives Out?

    If you receive a gold star from a Self Care Mafia member, write that down on your tracking sheet. You get to use it as a freebie task when you 'purchase' your collectable badges.   On our bingo sheets, there's also a space for getting a gold star. So another "freebie square".


    Where will the Black Market Popups Appear?

    On this very page you are reading.   During major events (wars and tourneys), links to the markets will go live on the Self Care Mafia page some point on Fridays (CDT) each week of the event and vanish sometime on Sunday (CDT).

    NOTE: If the week is only a partial week, due to the month only having 4 Fridays, please use all available GoT event days before the store opens. (For example: If there are 4 Fridays in the month and the first day of the month is on a Tuesday, then the 1st through 4th are the days that make the first week. You get off easy that week.)   During off-season months (between wars and tourneys), links to the markets will go live on the Self Care Mafia page some point on Mondays (CDT) the last week of the month and vanish sometime on the following Sunday (CDT).

    NOTE: If the week is only a partial month. (For example: If the mafia announces the new badges say in the middle of December, then count the number of weeks remaining in the month. You get off easy that month.)  


    How Can I Display my badges?

    If you wish to display your badges in your WA author profile or an article page, you can copy and paste the code below and insert your badges as you earn them.
    [h1]SCM GoT/ToT Badges[/h1]
    [small]The @[Self Care Mafia](organization:52078ed3-9014-4cae-84c1-c61196286dab) highly encourages writers to take care of themselves during stressful writing events like NaNoWriMo and Game of Tomes. Those that do, can earn collectable badges.[/small]
      You can also use your badges in your streams or other sites. If you need help with this, let us know. We'll do our best to help you show off your badges!
    This article is a work in progress, and may be subject to changes.
    This article is part of a series related to streaming the Game of Tomes. For more information, see Streaming Game of Tomes.



    Self Care Tasks Bingo Checklist


    to reward GoT/ToT participants for self care during a crazy, stressful writing month.
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    April 2022
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