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When It Began 2020

Once upon a time in 2020 I was just another gal who could write.

Then the terror of the Iron Tome mysteriously appeared along with the Nite Qing and his plague of zombies came for it.

I answered the call for writers to use their powers of literamancy.

I could not decide which of the great houses to join so I decided to be a mercenary as I wandered out visiting them all to see just which house suited me best. Being of a practical mind, I did not go unarmed.

Literamancy is certainly power but there were times when a blade or a shotgun were just as handy.


The Ungood Life 2020

Being mercenary and lending my words where needed was a fun and adventurous life.

It was also filled with danger.

In the third wave of the words war, I fell to the Undead Horde.

The Nite Qing awakened me into the fell creature named Dazzlicorpse.

As a literamancy zombie I relentlessly pursued my friends like Lord Galakrond and JamesWoodwright.

There were epic battles with the Varnagian House Leader DMStretch.

The Mother of Bunnies was sent fleeing from her warren with the babies as I was part of the horde amry along with the Zombees, Vampire Bats, and RPGfossilBob in a battles of the ages.

The greatest battle, though, was me fighting my new zombie need for brains when I at last cornered my good friend James.

In the last moment, instead of eating his brain, I tossed him off a bridge down into a lake.

House Mollusca, with those survivors of the other houses, won the Iron Tome.

A power was unleashed and I was returned back to my living self.

FUN FACT: I completed my NaNo and my total word count was 50,021


Then Came 2021

Tourney of Tales

If there is one thing I learned from my time as a mercenary, it is that I must be faster with my skills more honed then ever before.

So, I entered the Tourney of Tales I with House Meles.

I enjoyed writing with the badgers and sharpening my skills but in my heart they were not quite the House best suited for me.

Along came Tourney II and I joined House Sauropda.

Finally, I felt like I had found a home!

After Tourney II, I dedicated myself to Sauropoda and ... EVOLVED!


Game of Tomes 2021

In Sauropoda I became the bodyguard of RPGDinosaurBob.

I also became the first, and only, member of the Raptor Squad. RAWR!

by AzDude

The First Attack

The Undead Horde came for us first and House Sauropoda fell.

I lost good friends and fellow Sauropodans DragonMagpie, TheKidsAreAsleep, and L0n3Survivor to the Horde.

We retreated to Tiki Isle where the crossing did not go well for my motorcycle but with some adjustments it now runs great.

We began to learn the Tiki's art of the Mai Tai.

The Second Attack

Knowing we are the greaterst threat, the Horde attacked Isle Tiki.

It was a mighty battle where we lost ECCBooks but we managed to survive and retreated to the Caverns of Chiroptera.

With the power of Koro and Sauropoda combined, I eveloved into a great Tikibatasaurus!


The Third Attack

The Horde did not find us in the Caverns, going after House Meles instead.

This gave us time to heal and to plan.


The Fourth Attack

Once again, swelled with its new zombie badgers, the Horde came for us at the Caverns.

OffspringNumber1 fell tot he Horde, another great dino lost.

Siobhan, Queen of the Bats, led our retreat to the Warrens of Lapin where our distrusts were put aside for sake of all.

With my evolutionary powers in full swing, I became a Tikibatabunnysaurus!

G.O.T. Tikibatabunnysaurus by Dazzlinkat

The Fifth Attack

We hunkered down and waited at the the Lapin warren.

RPGDinosaurBob and me, the last of Sauropda, were outside forming the first wave of defense as the warren was rather overflowing with the furred ones.

But the Horde did not come for us.

Instead they went out to sea and into the Mollusca Trench.

To our shock, and more than a little horror, the champions of the last Undead Horde Invasion fell to the Horde!

The warren underwent a drastic change as the ALliance worked hard to make a waterhome fort he Molluscans inside the warren.

by AzDude

The Final Battle


The Horde came.

The fighting was fierce but we of the living were desperate and, with no where left to run, could only stand and fight.

In the end, we prevailed and the Mother of Bunnies took the Iron Tome.

The undead were returned to their living selves and peace has once again returned.

FUN FACT: I completed my NaNo and my total word count was 66,439.


Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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