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How to Get Your Own Character

If you want your own character to be included in the lore on the Game of Tomes website, these are the instructions to get one! Please contact Moonflower with any questions. Don't worry if you don't follow everything to a T, but please try to contact Moon if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. They don't bite.

  1. Create Your Character Article
    • Create this article on your world or in GoogleDocs.
    • It can be private so long as Makenzie Turney is able to access it, but it must be published.
    • No links should be used in this article.
    • Key-Value pairs should be used if sidebar content requires a link rather than linking anything.
  2. Create Your Character Image(s)
    • You should have at least 1 image.
    • Any character images — including hand-drawn images — must be provided with any attribution requirements in the Discord PM to Moonflower. (e.g. an Artbreeder image must have a link to the image on Artbreeder)
  3. Send Your Stuff to Moonflower through Discord in the #community-lore channel

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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