Moon-Moon (He/him)

Moon-Moon is an intelligent wolf who has the unique ability to not only communicate telepathically, but to change size at will. He is currently aligned with House Avis, which in turn is aligned with House Sauropoda.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Moon-Moon appears as a gray wolf. When he feels threatened, he grows to be 25 feet tall! He also grows to about 12 or 13 feet tall when he becomes startled, which typically doesn't end well.

Special abilities

Moon-Moon has the unique ability to grow and shrink at will. The largest he typically can become is 25 feet at the shoulder, and the smallest is 2.5 feet.   Moon-Moon is also capable of telepathy, so long as the intended recipient is within his line of sight and within a range of about 20 feet. He is capable of writing stories by using his mouth to hold a pen.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes


  • Bunnies
  • Moon-Moon doesn't quite understand what bunnies are, but he'll hunt them
  • Snails
  • Moon-Moon doesn't quite understand what snails are
  • Ants
  • Moon-Moon is absolutely terrified of ants. Put him near one and he'll run away screaming
  • Social

    Family Ties

    Moon-Moon is servant to the Master who created him. This master goes by the name of Gus Pawserson. Gus is almost always home, but leaves Moon-Moon to his own devices so long as he comes when called and doesn't get Gus arrested. Gus usually wants Moon-Moon around during planting and harvesting season, but otherwise doesn't really care.
    Current Residence
    Pawserson Manor
    Presented Sex
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Gray top coat with white underbelly
    Typically 3 feet at the shoulder
    Aligned Organization
    Other Affiliations

    Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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