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Character Creation FAQ

Can I play a Voider or Void-Related Character?

  You may not play a Voider or Void-Related character without permission from the Game Masters and the Voiders.    

Can I play a Fae?

  You may not play a full-blooded Fae. Half-Fae, Quarter-Fae, and the like, however, are permitted.    

Can I be more than one type of werebeast?

  You may not be more than one type of werebeast without permission from the Game Masters.  

Can I be from another dimension?

  You may be from another dimension. The 1337Speak dimension, a now-destroyed dimension, may be of particular interest if you wish to play someone from another dimension.  

Can I be a time traveler?

  You may not be a time-traveler. Time travel is not permitted in the Game of Tomes rules.    

Can I be a were- of an extinct creature? How about a fictional one?

  You may be a were- of an extinct creature or a fictional creature!    

Can I be a student or protege of another Tome Knight?

  As long as you have the permission of that Tome Knight, yes! The first class of literomancers from the World Literomantic Academy has graduated as of July 2024.    

Can I be an alien?

  You may not be an alien.    

I have an idea, but it isn't listed here!

  Speak with the Game Masters about your idea, and they will help.    

I need further help with my character, but what I have planned doesn't need Game Master intervention!

  Speak with your House Librarian! It's their job to help you through this process.
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