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House Meles Guide

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Welcome! Are you new to House Meles or touring our beautiful protectorate?   Let us show you around so you can learn about the chill Melesian badger and badger kith culture and catch up on our lore.



by SRF + MJ

Glad to have you here! I'm one of the Meles Librarians.   Meles is currently a Minor House, which means our house supports a major house (and we add to their word count) during Game of Tomes events. These events include Tourney of Tales in April and July, and the Word Wars (aka Game of Tomes) in November.   (Full event rules are at the Game of Tomes homepage.)   Below is a quick rundown of our Protectorate and some of Melesians you may see around our capital. There are links for continued reading, should you wish to dive deeper.   Be sure to snag one of the goodies at the front desk.
House Meles Quick Facts
The Kingdom

Our House

House Meles, is a constitutional monarchy ruled by the Meles Trifecta. Our king or queen is called The Great Badger.   Melesians welcome beings of all species as citizens and we tend to be a mellow lot. We value hard work and everyone having a voice, via the Allthing Protectorate-wide meetings. When you join, creature companions—much like a pet—may seek you out and ask you to care for them.  

Meles Minor House Crest by Shyredfox

Our crest colors show off our forest origins. We aren't afraid to dig in and "badger through" our writing goals.  

The Region

The territory of the Meles Protectorate includes the pre Word War US states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the up of Michigan.   In March 2024 we moved from being a major house to a minor one. There were big changes to our borders with the Meles Ailurus Treaty of 2024.  

The Capitol

Windy Willows "The Den" is the seat of government. It's located in an underground city set by a stunning mountain lake.
Notable Melesians

Our Leader - the Regent

(Our King and his Consort are currently MIA, so their Heir—Prince Gala—has taken up the Regent mantle)

King & Consort

(Where abouts currently unknown)
Great Badger Darth Nikolas
Realm of Music  

Seneschals - 2nd in Command


Brocktrees - Royal Guard

(led by Captain Purpleheart)

Librarians - Lore Keepers

Travel Warnings
  None at this time. Updates from the Protectorate and GoT Verse will be posted to this page.


Lingo You'll Hear Meles Citizens Using


Recommended Vacation Destinations

(More articles coming soon including our Literomantic and STEM universities and other major points of interest)  

End of the Tour

Now that the official tour is complete, you're welcome to explore the rest of our protectorate. Below is a selection of readings that may interest you.   Remember to keep an eye on the travel warnings section from the GoT Verse notification system, especially when the zombie undead hordes are active around November.

Ready for More Indepth Reading?

Feel free to peruse the library articles with the "Meles" tag.  
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