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Reality Recycling

The gods that are — whatever they are — have made this law. I don't understand the need for it, any more than I understand the need for death, but I'm sure it serves a necessary and important purpose.
— Queen Sable Aradia


Somewhere in the vague and chaotic structure that comprises The Void, there is The Overflow, a realm of living flame, hope, and destruction. The function of the Overflow is to recycle realities that are no longer functioning in the way they were meant to function, distilling them down to their elemental particles. These elemental particles are sent to the Starwomb (often with a small amount of Substance G, a byproduct of the recycling process) to create new realities.   Realities that have broken in some way are sent into the Overflow, where they can exist for years, even eons of their timeline, as they wait for their inevitable destruction. When that time of destruction comes, it is mercifully swift and entirely ruthless. Any living creature in that reality is destroyed instantly as the building blocks of their reality are taken apart.   Once a reality has been disassembled, the Overflow sends what is extracted to the Starwomb, where it borders on both the Overflow and the The Firmament. The Firmament, which works with The Dream Scape and The Labyrinth to build a blueprint for new realities, sends those plans to the Starwomb to be created.   Realities that have been tainted beyond use somehow are sent to the The Netherlayers; the Twisted Starscape, the Pit, or the Butthole of the Void. These realities are eventually repurposed there by the Cthonics, demons, and other denizens of the Void. The bits they leave behind are slowly reabsorbed.  
"Hey, uhhh, like... What do you think happens to the stuff that the Void eats? Do you think it poops or something?"   "How the hell should I know, Torch?! You've got the talkative layer of the Void, you ask it whether or not it poops!"
— Tempest and Sable

A diagram of the process of reality creation & recycling in the Void

Reality Creation & Recycling by Tempest Kwake with Canva

  From time to time, the consciousness of the Overflow may set defunct realities aside. The purpose behind keeping these realities is unknown, although Prinx Tempest believes it is in case their chosen avatar at whatever time might need something from those realities.  
"Like, I think the Beach Reality should have been destroyed a long time ago, but every time I'm stressed the Overflow tells me to take a vacation there? Lately it tells me to take you with me."
— Prinx Tempest to their sister, Queen Sable
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A cosmic starscape being compressed and recycled

Reality Recycling by Tempest Kwake with Pixabay and Canva

Cover image: by Pixabay


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