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The Overflow


It's hard to describe the geography of this magical realm as geography unless you are extremely familiar with the Overflow. Fortunately for you, I am pretty familiar with it, since I have speant literally years wandering around through it. I know its ins and outs, I can read the signs it shows. I might not know the specifics of what each new reality holds, but I do know what to look for in each region.   Most of the time.
— Prinx Tempest Kwake, Voider
  The Overflow is a rough amalgamation of several types of realities, according to Tempest Kwake, the Voidtouched individual connected most strongly to the Overflow. Most of it appears as a realm of elemental fire unless you know exactly what you're looking for. The only one who knows what to look for is Tempest.   There are the "real" realities, the ones that are very similar to each other with seemingly small changes. When arriving in these realities, you may not notice any particularly obvious differences. For example, the only obvious change between the 1337 Speak reality and the reality Tempest spends the most time in is that at some point, most modern writing systems were abandoned in favor of 1337 speak, a type of writing based off symbols, letters, and special characters.   There are the "special" realities as well. These ones have something that makes them obviously very different from the "real" realities. A commonly referred to reality is the "bubblegum reality," as Tempest often refers to it. In this reality everything, up to and including the air, is made of bubblegum.  
You can't really... move. I don't understand this reality or why it exists.
— Prinx Tempest Kwake, Voider
  Some of these "special" realities are less concerning and have more obvious history behind them, including several ocean realities where the vast majority of Earth is water. Tempest doesn't really like to talk or think about these realities, knowing that something in the past went very wrong and that it's not outside the realm of possibility for any reality to have this happen.   There are also "time dilated" realities where time runs counter-intuitivly to most others. For example, there is a reality Tempest sometimes visits where there is a distant planet reached by House Sauropoda that was terraformed. The vast majority of the planet is sandy beaches with human shaped "AI" dressing in cabana chik. Time in this reality runs so slowly compared to other realities that several hours takes only a few minutes and even two or three days will only take about twenty to thirty minutes.   In the more dangerous parts of the Overflow, there are the "dying" realities. These realities are decaying in such a way that they are all ultimately consumed by the Overflow to keep them from infecting other realities. Tempest does not like to go into or talk about these realities, so very little is known about them.   There are also several very small but important pockets of the Overflow that Tempest refers to as "nursery" realities, where new realities are born.  
I don't really go into them very often. They don't need me mucking things up.
— Prinx Tempest Kwake, Voider
  As such, not much is known about these realities. They could be the same as the "real" realities. They could be more like the "special" realities. Too much is unknown.


I saw Overflow whales, which is... new?
— Prinx Tempest Kwake, Voider
  Apparently the Overflow has whales. This was news to everyone, but especially Tempest.

Localized Phenomena

The vast majority of the Overflow is made of the very fires of creation. It is very hot, it tends to literally burn anything in it (with exceptions for Voiders). There is also no gravity in the Overflow excepting in the various realities. Whether or not gravity works the same way in all of the realities or not is not known.


Um... it's fire???
— Prinx Tempest Kwake, Voider

Fauna & Flora

Prinx Tempest has referred to Overflow whales before, but they haven't had the time recently to investigate further. Honestly, they were too startled by the appearance of the whales to do anything besides go to the nearest reality and hide in a corner for several minutes.

Natural Resources

Obviously there is fire in the Overflow, but there are also strange crystals floating in the Overflow. What these crystals are, where they came from, and why they exist is entirely unknown.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
The Company, in their highly illegal bioexperiments on literomancers and their kin, used something they called "Substance G". It is suspected that this is a Void tainted crystal, perhaps even one out of the Overflow. How they got such a thing, no one is certain at this time. Most of the people exposed to this died.


While tourism in the Overflow is not especially possible in the typical sense, with the aid of Sable Aradia there has been a small amount of travel to and from other realities via Tang Portal. In fact, there has even been an immigrant from the 1337 Speak reality in the form of Tempest's husband Buddha Kwake.   In addition, Tempest can sometimes be persuaded to bring people to the "beach" reality on vacation.
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Tempest the Fire Bunny by HeroForge

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Mindbending weirdness in the Overflow by PetoLenin

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