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A Woodlander Family Tomesmas

A Woodlander Family Tomesmas Word Crawl

NARRATOR: The Warren is heavily decorated. String lights in yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds are hung along the halls and tunnels. Pine boughs still laden with pinecones adorn each entrance. Candles are set on every available surface, and a large fire — no doubt courtesy of Tempest — roars in the hearth.   Most importantly, though, are the children running through the halls, laughing and playing, and the older family members sharing various drinks and chatting amongst themselves. Every once in a while, a shriek of “You’re it!” can be heard echoing through the Bunnycomb, followed by a cacophony of laughter.   Then, Sable-rah, the Great Badger Nikolas, and Archon Mykola Void step up, or wheel up in Sable’s case, onto a small stage where a makeshift band was playing Diggy-Diggy Hole. Several of the adults clapped when the music ended, but a few children pouted.   SABLE: “First off, thank you all for coming! I know that, for many of you, this is your first Tomesmas here at the Warren. Well, one of the key features of a true Lapin Tomesmas, other than the stories at midnight, of course, is a write in. Get your pens, pencils, notebooks, and laptops out and find a seat! The write in is about to begin.”   NIK: “Some of us here in the Woodland Family have prepared a word crawl for you who wish to participate. We will all be switching off on who presents you with which part.”   MYKO: “Everyone ready? The first part of the word crawl is: Write 100 words. The first person to finish gets the last slice of chocolate pie.”   SENNA: “The second part of the word crawl is: Write as fast as you can for 10 minutes. The person with the most words at the end gets to go first in the gift exchange!”   ERIN: “The third part of the word crawl is: Write (1d100, rolled on stream) words as fast as you can. The person who finishes first gets to be first in line to see Santa Claws.”   TEMPEST: “The fourth part of the word crawl is: Stretch your hands and wrists for two minutes. We don’t want to get carpal tunnel, now do we?”   SABLE: “And, finally, the fifth part of the word crawl. Write a story of 100 words or less for someone else. This can be for your parent, a sibling, or for a friend.”
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