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Sable Aradia ([SEY-buhl ahr-AH-dee-uh] | /ˈseɪ bəl ɑr 'ɑ di ɑ/)

Sable Aradia streams at and IRL is one of the creators of the Game of Tomes.

The Mother of Bunnies, the Chief Rabbit, the Holy Queen of Buns, the Star-Bunny, Her Rabbitness Sable Aradia Lapin, Lady of the Warren, Mother Star, DoR (Defender of the Realm) (a.k.a. Sable-rah, Sable Bright-Eyes, the Queen Who Knelt, the Bun(ny) Queen, "Bunny Mom", "Momma Bunny", "Mama Bun Bun")

Sable Aradia is the current leader of House Lapin. She ascended the Carrot Throne in 1993 at the age of 18, long before Literomancy had any significance. Raised in a dysfunctional working-class family, she has known desperation and developed strength in adversity, but she chooses to look for hope, love and light wherever she can.   As befits a Wererabbit, Queen Sable has 11 living children. Informally called "the Bunny Mom" by many, perhaps with equal affection and irritation, she is known for her stern love of her people, her fierce overprotectiveness, and having her fingers in too many pies. She is chaotic, clever, and quick-witted, proceeding passionately from one project to the next, juggling many balls at once, and rarely sleeping. She always seems to know what is going on, and since the onset of the Tome Wars, has been widely recognized for her military acumen.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Queen Sable is in reasonably good physical condition for her age and profession, although two recent bouts with Critical Magic Drain have reduced muscle mass and she is in physical therapy for it. She suffers from a couple of chronic illnesses, including asthma and IBS. She has a mild astigmatism and so wears glasses when she is at her keyboard. She does not require the glasses for driving.

Body Features

Sable-rah is short but not lightly built. Perhaps best described as "stocky," she still possesses more strength and muscle than a woman of her age and size typically would, stemming from an interest in weight training when she was young. Her skin, while pale, has a golden undertone. She tans easily.   In her bunny form, other than her distinctive white fur, Sable is indistinguishable from a white-tailed jackrabbit; technically a hare, and not a rabbit. She is on the smaller side of the species, just as she is in her human form.   When Sable Bright-Eyes appears in The Void, she has been described as "shining like a star." There is a starlight luminescence to Sable's fur in dim light, even in the physical Realm. Some have also said that they have seen starlight sparkles in her eyes.

Identifying Characteristics

On her back, Queen Sable has an arcane tattoo that features a purple pentacle at the center containing a white spiral. It is surrounded by symbols of the four elements in traditional colours. She has a beauty mark on her left cheek, and a spattering of freckles on her shoulders. Her pinky fingers are crooked, stemming from childhood arthritis.

Physical quirks

The Mother of Bunnies is right-handed. She walks with a rolling gait that is often described as "like a man." This gait lengthens her stride in a way that makes it easier for her to keep up with taller people.

Special abilities

In addition to being a recognized Combat Literomancer who is numbered among the "power writers," HRM Sable Aradia is a shapeshifter and a witch. As a wererabbit, her bunny and half-bunny forms are as natural to her as her human one is. It is rumoured that Sable also possesses what House Lapin calls Fiver's Insight , which is a strong intuition that warns of danger and grants occasional visions of the future. Princess Sunny believes this is a knack for reading the Void's Paths of Possibility.   Sable Bright-Eyes possesses a unique power of healing. She has Resurrected her son Lord Galakrond from undeath twice, healed herself from a fatal poisoning, and healed the Queen of Bats from a near-fatal slash to the throat. Her powers, however, seem to be tied to love; hers, to heal others, and others' love for her to heal herself. Princess Sunny has suggested this power might be a result of her sister's attunement to The Firmament, one of the layers of The Void about which little is known, except its resemblance to the starry night sky and space.   The Bunny Queen has also demonstrated an ability to teleport, which manifests as a flash of pink and gold twinkling light, just as much of her magic does. She can only teleport herself and what she is wearing or carrying. She is also capable of manifesting circles and bubbles of protection around herself with a similar appearance that act as a kind of force field. She has demonstrated the use of this ability frequently against the undead, and most spectacularly in The Great Migration in which she placed a kind of "Faraday cage" in Prinx Tempest's Tang Portal to protect the 1337Speak migrants and others in the portal from its radiation.   Known as the "Star-Bunny" for a reason, Queen Sable is capable of conjuring energetic spheres that resemble glowing stars. These can be hurled against opponents, block energetic blasts, or redirect magical energy for different purposes. Many of her other apparent powers manifest as "stellar effects," such as a ray of sunlight to repel Undead, or a comet streak to enhance a physical charge.   The Bunny Queen is immune to her sibling Tempest's fiery Overflow powers, from their own self-generated flames to the radiation generated by Tempest's "Tang Portal." This has been used to make Tempest's teleportation portal accessible to other people. This does not extend to other forms of fire, however. Whether this translates to an immunity to radiation or not is something Sable-rah has had no desire to test.   During The Third Word War, the Mother of Bunnies let off a blast of literomantic energy that had a "Turn Undead" effect (see The Battle of Kin Beach.) Whether this was a unique circumstance, or something she might be able to call upon again in the future, remains to be seen.   The Star-Bunny glows with silvery-white starlight, and this starlight can be intensified to the level of a blinding glow which will wither Void Polypore mushrooms after exposure.

Apparel & Accessories

HRM Queen Sable's "royal regalia" is a set of fluffy white bunny ears and bunny paws — though it is unclear whether these are items that are worn, or a partial shapeshift. She occasionally wears a silver crescent moon crown with a moonstone at its center, or her Iron Crown of the Woodlanders and a royal mantle for official functions.

Specialized Equipment

The Chief Rabbit prides herself on being able to conduct literomancy anywhere, at any time. She has been known to write with phone, tablet, Blackberry, laptop, PC, notebook and ballpoint, chalk on the pavement, quill and ink, and at least once, her own blood. She used to carry a laptop wherever she went, but has recently begun to default to a smartphone in a glittery pink leather phone case and wallet.   Sable uses a falchion and an iron mace named "Fluffy" as personal weaponry. She learned to fight with them when she was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. She also carries a .44 pistol in a belt holster and, in times of war, may be seen on the field utilizing automatic weapons, the latest being an L5 Bullpup Rifle, colliquially known as a "Lapin Typewriter".   The Bunny Queen was given a suit of technomantic armour by her daughter Senna Nightshade just before the beginning of Word War 4. It shifts appearance and colour according to the wishes of the literomancer who wears it, including being able to blend perfectly with its surroundings if so wished. Further powers of this armour, if any, remain classified.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sable Aradia Lapin was born to one of the ancient literomantic houses in a time when the power of the Great Houses had waned. But the future Bunny Queen was always driven by the power of the written word, and pursued careers in writing-related fields, such as novel-writing, songwriting and performance, and journalism. She claimed she learned Literomancy at the age of ten, when she received the Key to the Lapin Library that had been held in trust from her grandmother's will.   As a child, the future queen was regarded as something of a child prodigy, especially in English. She arrived at kindergarten able to read at young adult level and do multiplication. An IQ test requested by her teachers in the first grade resulted in a suggestion that she ought to move up to grade 3. Her parents, fearing she would be ostracized more than she already was, refused. Her school librarian gave her access to the intermediate student library and got involved in reading for the Children's Choice Awards. Her mother signed for an adult card at her public library when she was ten years old.   Young Sable spent much of her intermediate and high school studies in accelerated learning programs, but high school was a considerably greater struggle. She began to show signs of dangerous depression. At 15 she was diagnosed with an eating disorder, although ironically, around that time she was selected to represent her region at a government-sponsored round table on the environment, which helped to establish the foundation of environmental studies in secondary schools in her province.   Sable left her parents' home in the summer between grades 11 and 12. She failed the final semester of her creative writing class in grade 11 and failed her Math 12 final exam, but still graduated alumni. She did not compete for any scholarships.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REDACTED BY THE LAPIN PROTECTORATE FOR SECURITY REASONS BY ORDER OF THE OWSLA. CONTENT WARNING: Child abuse, mental illness, kidnapping, unwilling medical experimentation, genocide, suicidal ideation
Queen Sable's mother is bipolar and remained untreated for much of young Sable's childhood. As a result, she suffered physical and emotional abuse that may have caused C-PTSD.   Young Sable was abducted by The Company when she was 11, and subjected to some kind of medical procedure at their hands. It is hers and the Owsla's belief that some of her ova were stolen for future medical experiments. This abduction and assault has not been included in the charges pending against Company employees and directors in the International Criminal Court because the Statute of Limitations has passed.   Not long after this incident, the young Lapin scion first found The Void. Over time she spent more and more time in this alternate plane until it nearly claimed her life. To escape, she entered the Void layer that has become known as The Firmament, and was transformed by the experience. Prior to her exposure to this plane, her hare form had black fur. Afterwards, it was shining white.
  Sable graduated school into the worst recession in Canada history, and struggled to find lasting employment. For some time, she worked under the table as a graveyard shift dispatcher and answering service operator. While she moved in with her high school sweetheart, she left him after two years, and moved in with the future Prince Consort, Erin Righ. A few months later, she became a full-time stepmother as Erin's son three-year-old son Daniel came to live with them. A few years later, their daughter Becca was born, and they adopted a young Wererabbit Jackalope named Jean. Even with Erin Meles' employment in the Canadian Armed Forces, they struggled to make ends meet.  

The First Word War

Sable Lapin was working as a reporter for the ASC News Network when The First Word War broke out. She was on location for many of the events. Suddenly, Sable-rah found herself leading House Lapin and an army of Tome Knights against the Night Monarch and force of Tome Zombies.   As the Houses fell around her, she discovered that her husband was this new Night Monarch who was threatening the Realm with destruction. Her friends, the leaders of the other Great Houses of literomancy, became Undead one after the other. Only House Lapin and House Mollusca remained to oppose the Undead Horde.   House Lapin was besieged on November 25, 2020. House Lapin and the Varangian Guard were overwhelmed. Many of the kittens and leverets of The Warren were eaten by the Undead. Some of the attacking Undead were people Sable considered friends, such as SiobhanTheWriter, King Bob and others. Her eldest two children, Daniel and Becca, went missing sometime during the rout, and are presumed dead, since they were not literomancers. Sable's surviving son and heir, Prince Jean, was taken by the Horde as well.   Sable-rah and her friend, Commander of the Varangian Guard DM Stretch, and one of her House Guard, James Woodwright survived the fall of the House, and fled to the ocean to join forces with the Cosmic Kraken. Nathalia Books of the Varangian Guard fell to the Horde saving Commander Stretch and Sable. James Woodwright saved Sable Aradia's life in the escape, and Kitoypoy, another member of the Lapin House Guard, sacrificed his life to save them as well.   Since Sable was the only Major House leader who was not claimed by the Horde when her house fell, this earned her the epithet "Sable Bright-Eyes." Since she was the only Major House leader to survive to bend the knee to another House, she also earned the epithet "The Queen Who Knelt."   Sable-rah and the survivors of House Lapin fought side-by-side with the Molluscans in a last stand against the Horde, to support their claim to The Iron Tome. Together, they successfully repelled the Undead and claimed the Tome for the Cosmic Kraken. All of the Undead were restored to life, much to Sable's great relief — and everyone else's too.   House Lapin returned to the Warren, not without their scars. Her Royal Majesty and the Prince Consort became estranged in the aftermath of the war, and Erin Righ joined House Chiroptera for a time as their Guard Captain.  

The Second Word War

Elevated to monarchs of large Protectorates in order to protect the Realm, the scions of the literomantic Houses worked to perfect their arts. Twice in the course of 2021 they met for a Tourney of Tales to practice those arts, should they be needed again.   This turned out be excellent foresight. In late October 2021, The Iron Tome went missing from House Mollusca's vault. Zombie Summoning Totems in the symbols of the Great Houses appeared near the traditional seats of power of other houses.   With a bat totem being the first found, and on House Lapin's territory, Queen Sable believed that Siobhan the Writer, Queen of Bats, had attacked her house, and declared war, launching The Second Word War.   Conflict escalated between Chiroptera and Lapin. Minor Houses Incendium and The Missing House, traditional bannermen of Lapin, offered their loyalty to other Houses.   Selected as the Captain of her Owsla, the elite House Lapin guard who protect the Chief Rabbit, James Woodwright recruited others to the cause of the queen's protection to meet this new threat, including DM Stretch, Kajetan Writes, and a resurrected Kitoypoy.   Queen Sable and Queen Siobhan faced each other directly in a duel in the early stages of the conflict. For whatever reason, both House Leaders left the field of battle alive.   The Missing House returned to the Warren, saying that they'd had a debt of honour they'd been required to discharge, and the Fluffy Pet Alliance was restored. Queen Sable and Queen Siobhan met at the Great Library to negotiate and put aside their differences to deal with the greater threat of the Undead.   While those negotiations were taking place, House Meles fell to the Undead Horde, and young Meles scion Lord Galakrond was taken. This greatly upset Sable, and she angrily called up the King Badger and the Bardger as they sheltered with House Mollusca.   In the meantime, House Chiroptera fell to the Undead Horde, and Queen Siobhan, now heading the survivors of the fallen Houses of Sauropoda and Tiki and a large number of bannermen, sought succor with House Lapin. Instead of requiring her to bend the knee, the Bunny Queen embraced the Queen of Bats in what would become known as the Babbit Alliance .   Surprising everyone, House Meles left The Zafforza Trench in favour of the Warren, leaving House Mollusca with only the support of House Ceapaire. Tensions mounted between Mollusca and Lapin, as Coffee Quills accused Sable of engineering the war in order to make a bid for power against them.   When House Mollusca fell to the Undead Horde, they and Ceapaire reluctantly fled to the Warren, having nowhere else to go. After a personal conversation with the Bardger, however, the Cosmic Kraken and the Bunny Queen put aside their differences, and Mollusca offered Lapin their full support. It was later revealed that the reason the Chief Rabbit had asked Meles to come was that Lord Galakrond was her son, too. The Mother of Bunnies is also The Mother of Badgers.   Queen Sable led the Grand Alliance to victory against the Nite Monarq AuthorGoddess in an epic battle of literomancy known as the Battle of the Warren, and claimed The Iron Tome on December 2, 2021, earning the title "the Holy Queen of Buns."  

April Tourney 2022

When the biological parentage of Lord Galakrond and the Forgelings was revealed, it became a very public scandal. The Realm was uneasy with concern about the succession.  
If a vault at the bottom of the ocean and Molluscan literomancy wasn't enough to protect it, I don't dare let it out of my sight.
— Sable Aradia
  Sable-rah began carrying the Iron Tome with her in a backpack wherever she went. This almost cost her her life. In January of 2022, there was an assassination attempt on the Mother of Bunnies that was very nearly successful. The assassin stabbed the queen multiple times, grabbed the Iron Tome and made a run for it, but was killed by Commander Stretch of the Owsla and Tempest Kwake attempting to escape.   The Chief Rabbit was rushed to hospital and put into a medically-induced coma to recover from her wounds for more than a month. Even still, she might not have survived, except that her estranged husband reappeared and summoned a Litwalker with healing magic from their co-created The Wyrd West universe.   Over the course of the Tourney season, Sable Bright-Eyes made some physical recovery, but it quickly became clear to her friends and loved ones that either the circumstances, or the Iron Tome, or both, led to deterioration in her mental health.   Erin still did not return to the Warren after this incident, and over the course of the Tourney, Sable gradually became more insular and withdrawn. The Owsla continued to investigate the attempt, and eventually discovered the identity of the assassin — a Tome Knight named ShadowMalachi — but not who sent him.   Things came to a head near the end of the Tourney. DM Stretch, apparently on some kind of black op to investigate The Company , disappeared. While the Owsla were distracted with the effort to recover him, another assassination attempt was made — this time by poisoning some leftover chili from an earlier "chili cookoff" event.   Only the quick intervention of Sir Kitoypoy saved her life, and once again she was rushed to hospital. There the Owsla learned that their intervention was only a temporary reprieve — Sable-rah had been poisoned by a fatal dose of strychnine rat poison, and her death was only a matter of time.   At her request, she was brought back to the Warren to die in familiar and comfortable surroundings. But in the meantime, the Owsla discovered that the Iron Tome was lying on its face on the floor of Sable's burrow in the Warren, surrounded by an aura of pink and gold light, and it could not be moved from its fixed point in space. Even attempts to cut through the floor to get at it were foiled.   Seeking the advice of Coffee Quills The Cosmic Kraken, the only other living person who had spent any time around the Iron Tome, Sir Kitoypoy was told that it was likely Sable-rah's own subconscious magic that was protecting it.   But then, Senna Nightshade called up Siobhan the Queen of Bats, and suggested that someone was deliberately trying to isolate the Holy Queen of Buns in order to weaken and break her. But her "Kind Bear Glare" powers suggested that her magic was powered by love.  
Sable saved us at the Battle of the Warren with the power of love. Maybe we can save her the same way.
— Senna Nightshade
  A worldwide literomantic ritual was organized by Senna Nightshade and Queen Siobhan to lend the power of love and magical aid to the Mother of Bunnies.   Having heard the news, Erin Righ finally returned to the Warren. When they reached out to clasp each others' hands, the magic that had been rallied took effect, and Queen Sable was miraculously healed by her own "Kind Bear" powers, supported by the outpouring of love from those who cared about her.   At the end of the Tourney, it was discovered that Queen Sable was Voidtouched, and she joined the group known as Voiders Anonymous.  

Following the April Tourney 2022

A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
The Queen's younger brother, David Lapin, died of a drug overdose in a homeless shelter on Vancouver's East Side in early May of 2022. Sable Aradia initially seemed to react to this news with much less overt grief than might be expected from the passionate Bunny Queen, saying to close friends and family that since she hadn't seen her brother for more than a decade, she wasn't exactly sure how to feel about it. Later, she chalked this reaction up to C-PTSD and was able to mourn more fully.

July Tourney 2022

Scandal continued to plague the Mother of Bunnies during the July Tourney. The Chief Rabbit, Tal ElementEds , and Queen Siobhan sued the GOT News Network for airing private conversations recorded without their knowledge or consent, and for destroying Tal and the Queen of Bats' careers. GOT News responded by launching a smear campaign against the Mother of Bunnies, the Voiders, and literomancers in general.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
The Company became a new corporate sponsor, and even tried to start their own network. They centered their programming on a new "hot topic" program, The Straight Shot when its producer and anchor, Will Fletcher became dissatisfied with the GOT Network. Will Fletcher actively and aggressively slandered the Voiders.   This effort was short-lived, since charges were laid in the International Criminal Court against the Company for Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, and when word got out, the GOT Network immediately terminated their association.   The Lapin family's conflict with The Company has been ongoing for many years. House Lapin was among the groups that brought charges against the Company in the International Criminal Court, but identities of victims are protected, and Queen Sable has not yet decided whether to go public. She is in the process of consulting the other members of the Lapin, Ailurus, and Meles family who have been affected by the Company's actions. No firm decision has been made as yet.
  During the Tourney, it was discovered that Tempest Kwake, former head of defunct House Incendium and current Filkmaster and leader of the Chaos Cartel, was Queen Sable's sibling. She officially recognized the relationship, and they were given the title Prinx of House Lapin. They also joined the Owsla, volunteering to protect their sibling until the return of missing Commander DM Stretch.   Eventually, the GOT News Network and the plaintiffs of the lawsuit settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. However, it is unlikely that they saw any of it, because the network declared bankruptcy not long afterwards and dissolved the company in the wake of tanking stock values.  

After the July Tourney 2022

Sometime during the interm, at a special event in The Swamp, Sable revealed that Senna Nightshade and Mykola Void were her and Erin Righ's daughters. The details behind this remain a mystery.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
Archon Mykola Void and Panda Polemarch Senna Nightshare are the biological children of Queen Sable Aradia and Erin Righ, engineered by the Company. Queen Sable's siblings, Seneschal Prinx Tempest and Princess Sunny, were engineered in the same way.   Queen Sable also discovered the identity of her assassin; none other than her son, Lord Galakrond. This information did not become known until The Third Word War
  Just before the start of The Third Word War, Queen Siobhan and Prince Jean were in a motor vehicle accident. The Queen of Bats was killed and Prince Jean severely injured. While Queen Sable was able to aid her son, she was not able to save her friend.  

The Third Word War

Despite heavy critique by her political opponents, Sable Bright-Eyes made extensive preparations in the belief that the Undead Horde would rise again in November. She spent billions of the newly-minted Lapin Protectorate's budget on bunkers, infrastructure, and military and militia equipment, supplies and training, as well as outfitting The Warren with the best security systems money could buy.   She was proven right when the Iron Tome was stolen by Lord Galakrond on Halloween of 2022. Later, Lord GalaWight emerged as one of two new Night Monarchs; the other one being ECC Books of House Sauropoda.   In conjunction with Regent EGryph of House Avis, the Bunny Queen launched a massive literomantic attack on the Undead Horde right out of the gate on November 1, utilizing their maximum tactical advantage. This later became known as The 50K Offensive.   Lord GalaWight appeared to concentrate on collecting his family members into the Undead Horde, though it quickly became clear that each Night Monarch controlled independent "Hordes." House Meles was the first to fall, and GalaWight claimed his sibling Prinx Xantos in that attack, while Meles fled to the Warren to take refuge with their family among the Bunnies.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
Queen Sable was forced to give the order to seal the portal between Windy Willows and the Warren before the Horde broke through, knowing Prinx Xantos was still trapped in the Den. She is working through this, along with many other related PTSD issues, in therapy.
  The survivors of House Ailurus also fled to the Warren, aided by the magic of Queen Sable and Prinx Tempest, and the Woodland Family Alliance was formed when Darth Nikolas, Sable Aradia and Mykola Void agreed to make decisions for their Houses as a triune council.   Then the Horde turned their sights on House Lapin. Lord GalaWight commanded the assault against the Warren, while ICC DeadPeople focused on the Cross Continental Portal in Aldergrove thus dividing the Woodlander forces.   Queen Sable made the decision to evacuate the Warren on November 16, 2022, to join the fight with House Sauropoda when the Warren was surrounded and Okanagan City was overrun. During the evacuation, a helicopter tasked with fetching King Consort Realm of Music and the Forgelings from a field trip crashed down in Okanagan Lake. The Woodland family launched a rescue attempt, but Princess Monkey, the youngest daughter of House Meles, was killed by the corpse of her brother Xantos.   To this day, no one is sure what happened next. Queen Sable, who was on location leading the rescue attempt, let out a primal scream, and then a massive explosion of literomantic power. There was a blinding white light that was seen for kilometers and had the "double flash" effect of a nuclear detonation. "Regular" zombies were reduced to ash and Tome Zombies were repelled in a 200m radius from Sable. Casualties were estimated at roughly 2500 zombies. She then fell unconscious. This was later likened to a "Turn Undead" effect out of roleplaying games by Owsla Commander Kitoypoy.   With the portal created by Prinx Tempest and Queen Sable severed, two helicopters were dispatched to airlift the Woodland family to safety, and the soldiers trapped in the area by the zombies were able to retreat. Some Woodlander soldiers, particularly those who are veterans of what is now known as The Battle of Kin Beach hold a degree of reverence for the Mother of Bunnies as a result of this.   With five of her ten children now dead, and her literomantic energy severely depleted, the Bunny Queen "overcharged" with energy from The Firmament to continue to power her magic for the remainder of the war. She was observed by many at Mount Mitchell glowing with a radiant moonlight glow and speaking in an "otherworldly" voice. Along with Darth Nikolas, she continued to command the unified Woodlander forces under King Bob of Sauropoda.   Sometime during the Battle of Mount Mitchell on December 2, 2022, Queen Sable, Prinx Tempest, and Duke Buddha Kwake left the field for reasons unknown, and ended up directly confronting Lord GalaWight in a literomantic duel in Okanagan City. They successfully defeated and resurrected him with a filk. They returned to the battle, where the Undead Horde, now down one Night Monarch, were divided in the confusion. The united forces under the command of House Sauropoda successfully defeated the Undead and claimed the Iron Tome for the Dinos.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
The three royals used the distraction of the battle to hack into the signal the Company was using to activate the nanobots that were controlling Lord Galakrond, in order to seize control of them. GalaWight tracked them, possibly with the Company's assistance. Queen Sable held him off and Prinx Tempest protected their husband while he completed the hack. This allowed Duke Buddha to draw the bots from Galakrond's body at the moment that the Bunny Queen, bolstered by her sibling's power, resurrected him.
  All of this magical effort was not without its costs. After the resurrection of her children, Queen Sable collapsed in a state of complete literomantic and physical depletion and had to be taken from the field in a wheelchair. Recovery was expected to take months, but by the clever summoning of yet another Litwalker healer, Erin Righ was able to affect a full recovery, except the Mother of Bunnies' significant and dangerous sudden weight loss, before Tomesmas.  

Post WW3

After the war, Sable Bright-Eyes was uncharacteristically quiet, seemingly content to gather her family together for Tomesmas and concentrate on being a mom. The only controversy to rear its head was the unexpected appearance of a new daughter, Princess Luna, even though there had not been any official announcement that the Bunny Queen was pregnant. Her sibling and their husband also presented a new son, Count Uri Kwake. HRM claimed she and the Prinx kept the two new royal children in a Void pocket after they were born until the end of the war in order to protect them. This choice, considering the circumstances, has been widely regarded with deep sympathy among the general public.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
A mission in the Owsla's clandestine war against the Company uncovered embryos formed from the genetic material of several members of the Woodland Family, including Queen Sable, Erin Righ, Prinx Tempest and Duke Buddha. Most of them have been hidden away in a very well guarded and secret location, and remain in a state of stasis. Two were too close to gestation to be put back into stasis. Since Princess Luna and Count Uri were created from their genetic material, Queen Sable and Prinx Tempest decided to raise them as their children.
  During the April 2023 Tourney of Tales, Queen Sable rallied support for a ritual to forever banish The Nite Qing from possessing the Prince Consort. A combat in the form of a literomantic edit took place in the Lapin Library, and she was injured in the battle although the details were not initially revealed. A recent video released under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the injury was of an extremely personal nature, and a viral video shot with a camera phone at a local karaoke bar shows her parodying the event in a filk.   Queen Sable also participated in the ritual to raise the new city of Penwall in the Ailurus Protectorate.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
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Sometime during the April 2023 Tourney of Tales, rumours began to circulate that the Self Care Mafia and the Chaos Cartel had a significant clandestine meeting to put aside their differences in light of significant struggles for both criminal organizations in the aftermath of the 2022 war. Indeed, Prinx Tempest, Panda Polemarch Senna Nightshade, and Queen Sable, the leaders of the Chaos Cartel, did meet with SCM Oyabun ShyRedFox and her lieutenants, and they formed an alliance called the Support Syndicate.
  Her Royal Majesty placed well in the first The Literomantic Games, claiming the silver in the overall event along with Feral Foxx, and tied for the gold in the second The Literomantic Games July 2023.  

The Great Migration

The Bunny Queen spent most of the rest of 2023 focused on war preparation for November, and preparing a mass evacuation from the 1337 Speak Reality, which, according to Prinx Tempest, was soon to be destroyed by The Overflow in a natural process known as Reality Recycling. Since this reality had been home to the Prinx for many years, being the birthplace of their husband Duke Buddha Kwake and the native reality of their foster family, Prinx Tempest enlisted Queen Sable's help in plans to evacuate about a million people into their universe. The two also enlisted the help of the other Houses and Protectorates in the effort.   Plans were expanded to accept anyone who came for the training, and extras if it was possible, and the decision was made that any "extras" accepted would have to be children only. The Prinx and Queen prepared themselves to open the biggest Tang portal, and accompanying Faraday cage force field, they had ever created, for as long as possible.   While almost 2 million people were successfully evacuated, the effort ended in tragedy. Whether because the Great Flame was overwhelmed by the effort, or for some other reason, the portal collapsed. Prinx Tempest disappeared, and according to the Bunny Queen, who was the only one who saw it, dissipated into the Void. They are currently listed as Missing in Action.   Queen Sable was rushed to hospital once again with critical Magic Drain and her recovery took several months, leading to questions as to whether she would be able to command the field and her House should war come again in November.  
A medieval image of a rabbit armed with a spear on a crest. Text: House Lapin Owsla
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While magic drain was indeed a significant component of the Queen's injuries, in truth, she suffered a post-traumatic stress related breakdown which landed her in hospital for ten days. The circumstances of the Prinx's disappearance triggered a PTSD related flashback and sparked recovered memories of about a year and a half of the Bunny Queen's childhood, which was a period in which she suffered significant childhood abuse and neglect.   Questions as to whether or not she would take the field were more about her mental state than her physical one. The Queen worked hard to affect her recovery and has been continuing her therapy. The Royal Family and the Owsla made the decision to not announce this to the public on the eve of war, and allowed people to continue to believe that it was only the magic drain that had felled the indomitable Sable Bright-Eyes.
  Concerned for her health, the Queen's daughters, Panda Archon Mykola Void, now calling herself Mykold Void-Lapin, and Panda Polemarch Senna Nightshade, decided to stay with Her Royal Majesty at the Warren for the duration of the war they all knew was coming.   Spoiler: Events from the Fourth Word War that have not yet been aired

The Fourth Word War

Lapin once again came to the defense of the Realm in Word War 4. This time, it was Lapin Librarian AttorraRu who became the Night Monarch. Her tactical mind kept even the clever Bunny Queen hopping, trying to stay ahead of her.   Meles was once again the first to fall. The portals to escape to the Warren failed to function during the attack, so the Badgers found themselves sheltering at the Cavern. Following the fall of House Sauropoda a few days later, in which Queen Sable sent anyone who could teleport to aid in the retreat, the Badgers came to join her and most of House Ailurus at the Warren as well.   The combined forces of the Woodlanders was not sufficient to save them, however. The Nite Qween breeched the Warren on November 15, 2023, and once again, the Woodlanders evacuated. AttorraRu seemed to have a personal vendetta against Sable Aradia, and came right for her, only stopping to smack aside anything that got in her way. During the attack, the now-undead Wizard of GoT managed to bring down the Warren's computer systems, and access to the escape portals was blocked.   The Queen and her Owsla fled through a newly-created escape tunnel, but the Nite Qween tracked them down. Queen Sable did not get her force field up in time to save herself from the dracolich's force breath, and she was flung against a stone wall and critically injured. They were saved by the personal sacrifice of Owsla Commander DM Stretch, who blew himself up attempting to destroy the Nite Qween, causing a cave in that blocked the dracolich from getting to the Chief Rabbit and the surviving members of the Owsla.   The rest of the Owsla carried their Queen's unconscious body through the tunnels, but a horde of zombies had breeched the doors or walls somewhere, preventing their exit. Captain of the Owsla James Woodwright and Owsla Commander Kitoypoy both sacrificed their lives to clear an escape path for Dame Flubb, who was carrying the Queen.   A second horde of zombies blocked Dame Flubb's access to the escape hatch afterwards, so she prepared to die defending her Queen. At the last moment, Prince Jean appeared with Cheetya, the newest member of the Owsla, utilizing a newly-developed teleport ability, and rescued them both.   Queen Sable arrived in Zafforza City a broken mess, but alive, and the love of her friends and family activated her healing magic. She walked away once again from a near-fatal injury.   The Bunny Queen went on to command the Woodlander forces in the defense of a critical shield generator when the Horde came for Mollusca, and even held the shields for a few moments, utilizing the generator, and her own force field powers, to help affect the escape.   During the battle, the Nite Qween once again hit the Star-Bunny with her force breath, but hugs from her husband and the two surviving Owsla bolstered her personal field of protection, and the Nite Qween was thrown back and away by the "reverberation" of her own breath weapon. A subsequent direct hit from a rocket launcher fired by AttorraRu's husband Cheetya disabled the Nite Qween long enough that the egress was well underway by the time she recovered.   While she continually earned immunities for House Lapin to choose with the use of a version of the LitGames as a defensive ritual during the Fourth Word War, she tied for the bronze medal in the overall competition.

Gender Identity

Sable describes her/themself as bigender. While it is more typical for people to use "she/her" pronouns, and she does not object to them, much of her identity remains non-binary or even genderfluid. It is perhaps best said that she remains unattached to her gender.


Sable identifies as pansexual. She is also the Mother of Bunnies. You figure it out.


Sable worked for what was then the ASC News Network at the outbreak of the First Word War. Her work history is a self-described "writer's resume." She has been a nanny, a care aide, a dispatcher, an answering service operator, a goth and filk musician, a housekeeper, an agricultural worker, a busker, a bookstore clerk, a professional Tarot reader, and the owner of a small metaphysical store. She was also a published author before she assumed the throne of the Lapin Protectorate.

Accomplishments & Achievements

A badge or medal of a book - the Iron Tome - on a navy background. Text:
Defender of the Realm by Misades
Sable-rah received her rabbit totem in Lapin's traditional ritual at a very young age, and is quite comfortable with the rabbit aspects of herself. She is a published author and a literomancer of note. While she did not begin her literomantic career as a particularly fast writer, training and experience have pushed her into the ranks of the "power writers," though she would be the first to say this is more for her skills at editing than drafting. She has considerable capabilities in both arenas, and seems to have the best understanding of the workings of literomancy of any Tome Knight.  
A coin stamped with a flame and a motto that reads
The Flame of Encouragement by Myko
Sable holds 21 Flames of Encouragement. The first was awarded in the April 2022 Tourney of Tales and second from the July 2022 Tourney, and two more were awarded during the Third Word War (November 2022) for her work with encouraging storytelling through Lore. The rest were awarded in the 2023 Tourneys or during the Fourth Word War, the latter being earned for her tenacity. She also holds the title Defender of the Realm for her actions in The Battle of the Book and The 50K Offensive.

Failures & Embarrassments

Queen Sable carries significant survivor's guilt for what has happened to her children in the course of the Tome Wars, her sibling in The Great Migration, and her brother as a result of her childhood. Her public reputation suffered a major blow during the smear campaign launched by the GOT News Network, and while it has recovered, the blow to her confidence from that experience, the Great Migration, and the last two Word Wars, has not.

Mental Trauma

PTSD and C-PTSD plagues Sable Aradia after her childhood and the events of the Word Wars, and the assassination attempts from the April 2022 Tourney. She is haunted by the losses and betrayals she has endured. Often her traumas keep her awake at night, and between that and her ADHD, sleep is something the Mother of Bunnies struggles with. Surprisingly for such an approachable person, she also suffers from considerable social anxiety, and is often required to retreat from public life to rest and recharge.

Intellectual Characteristics

Sable, as befits a trickster spirit, has a keen mind and a sharp wit. She possesses a deeply-ingrained sense of wonder and curiosity that helps to drive her study of literomancy and the mysteries and nature of the world. She also possesses an unusual ability to grasp the whole picture of a situation from small details, as well as keen foresight.   In addition, Sable is highly empathic, and while she is known for her directness, she is also known for her deep love and compassion towards all Tome Knights, and her Lapins in particular. She is called the "Bunny Mom" because of this, and has a bit of a "Granny Weatherwax" reputation for delivering sharp critique out of that deeply held love.   Over the course of the Tome Wars, Sable has developed a reputation for being a clever strategist and tactician, and her military acumen is respected by both her peers and the military forces under her command. She jokes she had a head start on learning this over many other literomancers because she writes military science fiction.

Morality & Philosophy

The Mother of Bunnies chooses kindness and courage in the face of apathy and fear. She does not believe in dishonesty and actively avoids it whenever possible, even if that honesty sometimes hurts. Since she also will not offer praise unless is it deeply and honestly felt, compliments from her are treasured as high honours.


Sable-rah will never break an oath, or her word once given. As a result, she is notoriously careful about what she is willing to promise.

Personality Characteristics


Sable Aradia feels a deep calling to teach and nurture the art of literomancy whenever she can. She loves to tell a story and is even more joyful when those stories are appreciated by others.   Because she was bullied as a child, the Chief Rabbit hates bullies, and will go out of her way to protect their victims or, preferably, to neutralize the threat.   In the wake of recent events, Sable is perhaps more than a little obsessively overprotective of her family.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Sable Aradia was a stereotypical nerd as a child. She had a facility for academics, and was a precocious and early reader, but lacked hand-eye coordination and was accurately described as a "klutz." Childhood asthma did not improve her physical abilities, and she was often ill. It wasn't until her adulthood that the queen discovered a love for physical activity that did not require heavy aerobic exertion or team coordination, such as weight training, yoga, hiking, and various martial arts.   The Chief Rabbit is as highly creative as her House affiliation might indicate. She enjoys a variety of creative pursuits, including but not limited to creative writing, songwriting, performance, directing, video editing, crafts, and painting.   Sable-rah also has dyscalculia and ADHD, neither of which were diagnosed in childhood, and she may suffer from C-PTSD due to a difficult upbringing, or may be somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: creativity, RPGs, reading, music, performance, combat sports, exploring, space science, speculative fiction, general geekiness, helping people believe in themselves, surprises, trying new foods, travel, learning things   Dislikes: boredom, math, team sports, waiting, bureaucracy, bullies, cruelty

Virtues & Personality perks

The Bunny Queen is capable of an impressive level of lateral thinking that likely informs her literomancy and her strategic and tactical acumen. She can harness ADHD hyperfocus to an almost supernatural level.   Perhaps Queen Sable's most defining trait is her emotional strength. She has an ability to pick herself up, carry on, and encourage others to carry on in the most dire of circumstances. This has served her and her people well in the Word Wars.

Vices & Personality flaws

The Chief Rabbit can be terse and abrupt in her manner, which is sometimes interpreted as anger or irritation. Combined with her considerable force of personality, some find this intimidating. When she is, in fact, angry, she is widely feared.   When she doesn't get enough sleep or food, she is churlish and irritable. If she is focused on something, it is easy for her to burn herself out to exhaustion, and she often enlists others in her plans, unintentionally driving them to exhaustion as well. This may be a coping strategy for her anxiety, depression, and other PTSD symptoms.  
Voiders just aren't that great at the sleeping thing.
— Queen Sable Aradia
  The Bunny Mom has a tendency to neglect her own needs for the needs of others, and the Owsla have despaired of keeping her from putting her life at risk. She is notorious for rarely sleeping and not eating properly, although she has been making a conscious effort to do better.  
I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!
— The White Rabbit
  Sable Bright-Eyes, due to her dyscalculia and ADHD, is often late for appointments, and has a tendency to double-book herself. This is not due to negligence or a lack of concern for others, but a real challenge that she actively struggles with. She has arranged her living and working space to combat her issues with object permanence, but she is likely to lose important links and emails, and often needs to ask for them to be re-sent.   Sable smokes cheroots and cigars, but refuses to smoke cigarettes. She also has a weakness for carrots.


The Chief Rabbit is somewhat indifferent to hygiene, especially when she is focused on a goal. Her burrow is perpetually untidy, though it is rarely allowed to degenerate further than that. She wears her hair long, straight, and without bangs because she cannot be bothered to spend much time on such things. She never wears makeup unless it's a special occasion, and her typical outfit is a T-shirt and jeans, often ill-fitting due to her size.



  • 1993-present: Chief Rabbit, Leader of House Lapin
  • 2021-present: Queen of the Lapin Protectorate
  • Family Ties


    Religious Views

    Wiccan; Frith and El-ahrairah

    Hobbies & Pets

    The Mother of Bunnies has 3 cats: Scooter "Old Man;" Ash "Mister," "Young Man," "Jim Dandy;" and Smokey "Missy." She enjoys RPGs, music, painting, drawing, reading, and crafts.


    Sable Bright-Eyes speaks with a mixed Canadian accent that contains elements of West Coast, central Canadian, and French Canadian. She swears a lot.  
    That's because I'm Canadian -- it's when Canadians stop swearing that people should be concerned.
    — Queen Sable Aradia


    Erin Righ

    spouse (Vital)

    Towards Sable Aradia



    Sable Aradia

    spouse (Vital)

    Towards Erin Righ




    The Bunny Queen and her Badger husband have been through a lot together. Their relationship has survived multiple challenges. While it has not always been perfect between them, the many tests they have been through have brought them together and taught them to rely on each other with absolute faith. Erin is usually content to let Sable take the lead, but he will aggressively defend and support her -- and the reverse also holds true.

    Legal Status

    Legally and happily married

    Darth Nikolas

    co-parent (Important)

    Towards Sable Aradia



    Sable Aradia

    co-parent (Important)

    Towards Darth Nikolas




    There has never been any sort of romantic or sexual relationship between Sable Aradia and Darth Nikolas, although their spouses, Erin Righ and Realm of Music are half-brothers, and they are dear friends. When the Wordlords of Meles wanted to have a family, they asked Sable to help. Between them they produced 7 children, known collectively as "The Forgelings." They are not certain which of the Badger Kings is the biological father of The Forgelings, or if it varies, and have no interest in finding out. They claim that Darth Nikolas is their father, however, so that questions of succession in the Meles line can be put to rest.

    Legal Status

    Co-parents, Siblings-in-Law

    Sable Aradia


    Towards Princess Rowean



    Princess Rowean


    Towards Sable Aradia




    Sable and Rowean were not raised together, but over the years of their adult lives, they have learned to trust each other. They helped raise each other's children through struggle and poverty, and since Sable has taken the Carrot Throne, Rowean has made it her personal job to deal with some of the more unsavory or difficult matters that are the Queen's responsibility. They do keep secrets from each other, however; usually centered in how much emotional stress they are actually under.

    Sable Aradia

    sister (Vital)

    Towards Princess Sunny



    Princess Sunny

    sister (Vital)

    Towards Sable Aradia




    Sable and Sunny first met in their middle adulthood, and trust has been slow to grow between them. They've been through a lot together now, united by being Voidtouched and fighting The Company. They are learning to be more emotionally trusting towards each other as well. The love is real, but Sable sometimes frustrates The Netherlayers out of Sunny, as Sable insists upon putting herself in harm's way -- something she views as her duty as Chief Rabbit.

    Nicknames & Petnames

    The Voidtouched bun sibs tend to assign backhanded complimentary nicknames to one another that have something to do with their Void powers. Sable calls Sunny "Saarlac" affectionately for her maw of teeth; Sunny calls her "Lite Brite" for her starlight glow.

    Sable Aradia

    sibling (Vital)

    Towards Tempest Kwake



    Tempest Kwake

    sibling (Vital)

    Towards Sable Aradia




    Tempest and Sable had already met and established a friendship, especially through their work in the Chaos Cartel, before they discovered they were siblings. Since then, Sable has come to trust Tempest absolutely. As Sable's clone, Tempest is capable of "fooling" magic that is keyed to the Chief Rabbit into reacting to them in the same way. Sable has trusted Tempest with the key to the Lapin Library and the key to lock down the Warren. She keeps almost no secrets from her sibling, and the secrets she does keep are meant to protect her younger sibling from the extent of her worries and distress. Tempest, for their part, is learning this sort of trust in Sable, but has farther to go, since their experience as a Company experiment has made trust difficult for them. And if Sable wouldn't keep trying to get herself killed, that would be nice, especially since Tempest has become part of the Owsla.

    Nicknames & Petnames

    The Voidtouched bun sibs tend to assign backhanded complimentary nicknames to one another that have something to do with their Void powers. Sable calls Tempest "Torch" affectionately for their fiery powers and forms; Tempest calls her "Lite Brite" or "Star-Butt" for her starlight glow.

    Senna Nightshade

    Daughter (Vital)

    Towards Sable Aradia



    Sable Aradia

    Mother (Vital)

    Towards Senna Nightshade




    Sable and Senna established a friendship before learning of their biological relationship. Senna knew of their relationship before Sable did, but did not tell Sable at first due to the unique political consequences that would occur. However, Sable was far less concerned about those consequences than she was about establishing a relationship with her daughter, and the moment she discovered the truth, she reached out to Senna, political consequences be damned.   Senna trusts Sable more than she believes she should, and is worried of the potential consequences. While her fear is real, she also believes that Sable deserves said trust. Senna regarded Sable as a mother-figure before their genetic connection was made public. Likewise, Sable felt a maternal sense of protectiveness towards Senna before she learned the truth. She is working hard to be the mother she was not given the chance to be in Senna's childhood. Unknown to Senna, Sable recognizes a lot of herself in her daughter -- merits and flaws both -- and is overwhelmingly proud of her.

    Xantos Meles


    Towards Sable Aradia


    Sable Aradia


    Towards Xantos Meles



    When the truth of their parentage became public, Xantos was one of the Meles children who responded to the Chief Rabbit's attempts to reach out. The two have been developing a relationship, mostly at a distance, but they have started the process of getting to know each other. Xantos is hopeful but hesitant in reaching out to Sable. Sable is excited by Xantos' desire to connect and genuinely likes them a lot. She recognizes some of herself in them and deeply appreciates their conversations. She is exceptionally proud of Xantos' bravery, creativity, and wit.

    Sable Aradia

    mother (Important)

    Towards Mykola Lapin-Void



    Mykola Lapin-Void

    daughter (Important)

    Towards Sable Aradia




    Sable is incredibly proud of her newly-discovered daughter, and is working hard to be the mother she was not given a chance to be in Myko's childhood. Like with Senna, she recognizes a lot of herself in Myko, including a very sensitive and wounded soul, and is trying to help Myko gain more assertiveness and self-confidence.   Mykola also thinks the world of Sable. Sable stepped up and decided to be a mom and to welcome her in and for that Myko will go to the ends of the earth for her and the rest of her new family, same as she would for Senna (though Senna still holds a very special place). That said, she is somewhat reserved in showing it because she fears scaring away what she just got.

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    An anthropomorphic female rabbit dressed formally

    Queen Sable in Formal Garb by Sable Aradia with Artbreeder

    A small, middle aged woman with bunny ears in military fatigues, standing in front of a giant, anthropomorphic rabbit at the outbreak of a battle

    Mama Bunny Wants YOU! — image from a Lapin Forces recruitment poster by Erin Righ with Nightcafe

    Sable Casting.png

    Sable Casting by Artbreeder

    A glowing white star bunny, surrounded by pink magic

    Sable Star-Bunny by AI art from Midjourney, adapted by Moonflower and Sable Aradia

    A salmon pink banner with a white rabbit head in the center. Text:

    House Lapin by Dani Adventures

    Chaotic Good
    Current Status
    Recovering from Word War 4
    Current Location
    Date of Birth
    March 6
    Year of Birth
    1975 49 Years old
    Vernon, BC, Canada (present day Lapin Protectorate)
    Erin Righ (spouse)
    Darth Nikolas (co-parent)
    Princess Rowean (sister)
    Princess Sunny (sister)
    Tempest Kwake (sibling)
    Current Residence
    Bigender (female/enby)
    1 blue, 1 green in human form, black in rabbit/half-rabbit form, full of stars in dim light or in the Void
    Salt-and-pepper, chestnut brown, straight, long enough to hang below her belt when loose
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Skin: white with golden undertone
    Fur: white, faintly luminescent in dim light
    5' tall in human form; 56 cm long in rabbit form
    120 lbs (human), 6 lbs (rabbit)
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    If you want me, come and get me!
    — Sable Aradia to an undead Siobhan the Writer at the The Fall of House Lapin
    Every word is one more word.
    — Sable Aradia, "One Sprint More"
    You'll get it done eventually. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
    — Sable Aradia, training literomancers at the World Literomantic Academy
    If the fight is fair, your tactics suck.
    — Sable Aradia at a meeting of the Grand Alliance war council
    First drafts are all garbage. You can make it pretty in the editing.
    — Sable Aradia encouraging a new Tome Knight
    Editors exist to polish your diamond into something you'd be proud to show off.
    — Sable Aradia on the value of editors
    I choose the stars.
    — Sable Aradia, age 16
    Frith & El-ahrairah
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
    English, some French, Rabbit, conversational Badger, rudimentary Abyssal
    Character Prototype
    With my power set, I'm basically a grown-up, cynical Sailor Moon. *self-deprecating snort*
    — Queen Sable Aradia
    A coat of arms, divided into salmon and green halves, with two trees, and a tiger, a rabbit, a red panda, a badger and fox
    Woodland Family Alliance by Tempest Kwake

    A figure of a woman with long, brown salt-and-pepper hair, wearing jeans and a pink T-shirt, standing in a summoning circle. She carries a mace and a book swirling with pink magic.

    Sable Aradia - Human Form by HeroForge (James Woodwright)

    A glowing white hare with starry eyes, surrounded by a celestial frame

    Sable Aradia - Bunny Form by HeroForge

    Sable Bunny Form-portrait.png

    Sable Aradia - Half-Bunny Form by HeroForge


    A man armed with twin swords standing back to back with a rabbitfolk woman holding a magic book, on a forest background

    Sir Kitoypoy and Sable Aradia at the Battle of the Warren by Kitoypoy with HeroForge

    A woman typing frantically on a glowing keyboard, implying magic

    The Mother of Bunnies casting combat literomancy by Siobhan the Writer

    A reporter listening to a message from her headset

    Sable Aradia reporting live for ASC during the First Word War by Sable Aradia

    A white rabbit in a ring of pink magical energy

    Sable Bunny by Vegan Atheist Coral & Sable Aradia

    Mother of Bunnies with Sword

    Paparazzi photo of the Chief Rabbit on her way to duel the Queen of Bats by Siobhan the Writer

    A woman with scrapes and dirt on her face looks into the distance with a thousand yard stare

    Sable Bright-Eyes after the Fall of the Warren by Sable Aradia

    Mother of Bunnies calling on pink House Lapin magic, sword pointed to the sky

    The Holy Queen of Buns leading her forces to victory at the Battle of the Warren by Siobhan the Writer & Sable Aradia

    Mother of Bunnies surveys the Warren (woman wearing bunny ears, laptop in hand, overlooking a hillside)

    Mother of Bunnies surveying the Warren by Siobhan the Writer

    A prone woman in bunny ears, fallen sword and laptop at her side, rallies her strength and releases a blast of magic

    Sable Aradia rallies the power of her love at the Battle of the Warren by Siobhan the Writer & Sable Aradia

    A woman in bunny ears raises a magically-glowing laptop to the sky triumphantly

    Hail words! Victory for the Holy Queen of Buns by Siobhan the Writer

    A woman in bunny ears waving, a backpack on her back, a guard with an axe walking ahead of her, in winter

    Sable Aradia leaves the Cavern, guarded by her Owsla by Dawn Landry

    A woman in bunny ears and fuzzy gloves embraces a man in a chair

    Sable and Erin embrace after Sable's recovery by Sable Aradia

    Two people with bunny ears -- one is creating a magic portal, the other is running towards it

    Prinx Tempest and Queen Sable going to the rescue of the Forgelings by HeroForge

    Humans, people with bunny ears and an anthropomorphic tiger gather around a woman with bunny ears who has collapsed with concerned expressions. An anthropomorphic rabbit brings a wheelchair.

    Sable-rah collapses after the Battle of Mount Mitchell by HeroForge/Tempest Kwake

    A woman sits exhausted in a wheelchair while people gather around her, one with wings

    Queen Sable surrounded by her resurrected children after the Battle of Mount Mitchell by HeroForge/Tempest Kwake

    A white anthropomorphic rabbit in advanced battle armour

    Queen Sable ready for war by Sable Aradia with Artbreeder


    Sable's Form in the Void

    A white rabbit with a starlight glow aura

    Sable by Tempest Kwake


    Songs About the Mother of Bunnies


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    Cover image: Sable Aradia at the Battle of the Warren by Siobhan the Writer & Sable Aradia
    Character Portrait image: Sable-rah - Portrait by Sable Aradia


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